What Is The RT-PCR Nasal Swab For Covid-19?

What Is A RT-PCR Test?

The real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) nasal swab test collects a sample from the inside of your nasal passages which is then analyzed for Covid-19. The sample is analyzed from a specialized lab, and results generally become available within 3 business days.

How are the RT-PCR Test and the rapid antigen test different?

Both the RT-PCR test and rapid antigen test are typically administered by nasal swab. However, they are different tests.

  • The RT-PCR test looks for specific traces of the virus (genetic material) and must be sent to a lab for processing.
  • The rapid antigen test targets proteins on the virus and can be processed in real time, generally within 15 minutes.

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What is in-home covid testing and how does it work?

The test will be brought to your door by one of our licensed nurses. They will take a swab of your nasal passages. That swab will then be brought to a lab and analyzed for the presence of Covid-19. Once the analysis has been completed, you will be contacted for a consultation via phone.

Our services are facilitated by medical professionals and are NOT “DIY” kits.

How is the sample for the Covid-19 test collected?

The RT-PCR test is administered via a nasal swab.

Is the RT-PCR test accurate?

The RT-PCR test is one of the most accurate tests for Covid-19 available.

The RT-PCR test works by looking for the virus’s RNA. During processing, the RNA is converted into DNA. This DNA is then amplified enough that the sample can be measured using fluorescent dye. This dye reacts with the DNA if it’s present, indicating a positive test result.

In short…

  • A lack of RNA means an absence of DNA to be amplified, meaning no fluorescence and a negative test result.
  • Conversely, the presence of RNA will likely cause a positive test.

Is there a RT-PCR home Covid-19 nasal swab available?

Yes, you can get a RT-PCR home Covid-19 nasal swab. They are available at some pharmacies, and certain laboratories can mail them directly to the home. Upon completion of the test, the samples are returned to the lab for analysis.

Are in-home testing services available?

Concierge MD has made the RT-PCR test for Covid-19 available from within the home. We send registered nurses directly to your door to administer the test; they will take care of the processing and shipment involved in getting the test analyzed.

What about the accuracy of self-testing kits?

The accuracy of these kits are variable. It is always recommended to check the kit manufacturer’s website for information related to RT-PCR testing kit accuracy.

How expensive is a RT-PCR test?

This will depend on from where the test is obtained. There are many places where the tests can be had for free at state-sponsored testing sites. Costs are variable depending on location. Check with your local testing center to find out how much a test will cost you.

DIY kits may cost $199 or more. An in-home service such as Concierge MD costs $249, which includes professional medical attention and advice.

What Is The Meaning Of Test Sensitivity And Specificity?

These terms refer to the threshold that a certain medical test uses to determine whether an individual is considered ‘sick’ or ‘healthy’. Tests are built to have a threshold that is high enough to correctly identify sick people and low enough to exclude the healthy.

  • Test sensitivity is the ratio of sick individuals the test correctly identifies.
  • Test specificity is the ratio of individuals who are well that the test correctly identifies.

Tests with high sensitivity are more likely to provide correct results, avoiding things like false negatives and false positives. Tests with low sensitivity or specificity are more likely to give incorrect results.

What do false positive and false negative results mean?

  • False positive: The individual tests positive even though they are actually well. False positives occasionally occur if a person has a coronavirus strain other than SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).
  • False negative: The individual is actually sick, but the test reads negative.

These two criteria, high sensitivity and specificity, are important to prevent incorrect results. False positives can lead to cost inflation, unnecessary treatments, and worry on behalf of the patient. Since you may not seek treatment if you have received a false negative, a false negative can potentially lead to an unintentional spread of the illness or worsening symptoms.

That’s why Concierge MD ensures near absolute accuracy with our use of a nasal swab test with high specificity and sensitivity – we want to provide you with results that are as accurate as possible.

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Concierge MD brings Covid-19 nasal swab tests directly to you at home for a safe, convenient, and comfortable experience. We help you avoid the hassle of dealing with long lines at overloaded testing centers. Our in-home service also helps prevent you from either being exposed to illness or exposing others to illness.

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