Concierge medicine is an innovative way to address urgent and ongoing health care needs. Because our appointments take place in the comfort of your home or hotel room, not in a clinic, you may have questions about how our services work.

In addition to our FAQ’s below, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about Concierge MD LA and the home health care services we offer. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our house call visits.

How long do appointments take?

We do not put a time limit on our appointments. Unlike brick-and-mortar clinics where there are time metrics to meet, our appointments take as long as needed. We want to ensure that you receive quality attention and care to fully address your needs.

Why call ConciergeMD LA instead of visiting the doctor’s office?

We’re glad you asked! But first, here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you really want to sit in a doctor’s waiting room with other sick people?
  • Why would you want to go to the doctor’s office when you feel like it?
  • Why would you want to wait hours in urgent care when you should be home and in bed?
  • Why would you want to lose all that time out of your day, when you can see a doctor on your schedule?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier if your doctor came to you?
  • Why wouldn’t you want your doctor’s full attention, instead of your doctor being pulled away by a busy schedule that only allows a short time per patient?

Concierge medicine is for when you’re sick and when you’re not. When you’re sick, schedule an urgent care doctor’s house call. When you’re well, schedule an appointment and let’s do a comprehensive workup, so you can learn about what’s going on in your body which may be holding you back from total wellness. The best way to restore balance in your body is to first find out what is out of balance. Then we will recommend any needed change to your lifestyle and provide self-care guidelines to optimize health.

What is preventative medicine?

The goal of preventative medicine is to prevent, treat and solve health-related issues. We analyze your blood and genetics through DNA analysis to guide you on the path to whole-body health improvements.

Do I need any special equipment or supplies for the appointment?

No, you do not need to provide any equipment or supplies. The doctor will bring everything necessary to your appointment for your convenience.

What services are available?

A wide variety of services are available, including urgent care, general medicine, anti-aging treatments, lab draws, x-rays, EKG’s, IV fluid infusion (vitamin or treatment), cosmetic procedures, travel vaccinations, and medical weight loss plans.

What cosmetic dermatology treatments are available?

Anti-aging skincare treatments range from stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to simply relaxing wrinkles from the skin.

What are appointments like?

Our appointments take place in your home or hotel. You can choose where you want to have your appointment – we encourage you to choose a comfortable space.

The first thing you may notice is that appointments with Concierge MD LA are very relaxed and easygoing. We do not place a time limit on our appointments to ensure that you have a thorough exam.

How do house call doctor visits differ from an appointment at a traditional clinic?

House call doctor visits offer the same knowledge and expertise that you would find at a traditional clinic – just in the comfort of your home. We come to your house, meaning you do not have to travel to a clinic, sit in a waiting room, or be exposed to people who may be ill.

Another big difference between house call doctor visits and traditional clinics is that you will also enjoy more one-on-one time with the doctor, without any time constraints. We make sure that you have all the time you need in order to thoroughly address all of your health questions and concerns.

What special considerations do you take for children and infants?

We give children the same unhurried attention as we do our adult patients. Children are much calmer in their own home environment, and we want to make sure to provide a safe and calm environment for your child’s appointment.

In addition, a house call doctor visit means that your child isn’t around other sick kids. By avoiding outside illnesses, your child can recover as quickly as possible.

What is your pet policy?

Your dog or cat (or other two or four-legged friend) is welcome to be in the room with you during the appointment.

What if I need a referral to a specialist?

If you need a referral to a specialist for the best care for your specific needs, we can make arrangements for you. We have a network of top-ranked specialists who ensure our patients receive expedited appointments so you don’t have to wait for the care you need.

What if I need to go to an urgent care facility or the emergency room?

If you require a service that we cannot provide, we’re happy to make arrangements for intake at an urgent care facility or emergency room.

How do I get prescriptions written and filled?

We send your prescriptions electronically directly to your pharmacy. All you will need to do is pick up your prescription.

When you run out of prescription refills, we offer refills by way of telemedicine so that you do not need to make a second appointment.

How do lab tests at home work?

Most of our at-home lab tests are blood panels. This blood panel only takes a few minutes to administer. A mobile phlebotomist comes to your home, draws some blood, and takes it to the lab for you.

After your test has been processed and we receive your results, we will consult with you with a complete explanation about the test. We will also answer any questions you may have about the results of your test. From there, we can customize a treatment plan that takes into consideration your lifestyle and personal preferences.

You will also receive a full documentation of your test results along with a personalized assessment.

What is an IV vitamin drip?

This is simply an infusion that helps restore your body’s balance through hydration and the nourishing effect of vitamins in a drip.

What are membership benefits?

Membership includes up to 12 house call visits per year, and direct access to the physician via email. Several same/next day appointment slots are reserved for members only. Members also receive annual physicals and follow-up visits, with a plan for improved overall health as well as addressing specific health issues as well as check-in appointments to check progress.

Can I use insurance?

Insurance reimbursement to the patient varies, depending on your insurance and services provided.

How much is a standard visit?

For members, visits are included in the annual concierge fee (up to 1 per month). For nonmembers, the cost of a visit depends on services provided. Please contact us for more information.

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