Executive Physical

The Physical Exam of the Future 

Welcome to your healthier, longer life. Our executive physical is a comprehensive medical exam offering a personalized and extensive review of your health. 

Executive physical with Concierge MD

The Concierge MD Executive Physical is the physical exam of the future. As the most comprehensive analysis of health, the Executive Physical empowers you to help catch diseases early and optimize your health by utilizing in-depth modern diagnostic tools. 

Our Executive Physical consists of biomarker testing, in-depth genetic testing, preventive cancer screening, and optional cutting-edge body imaging (Full-Body MRI and Chest CT Scan). 

Our executive physical was created with the busy individual in mind. Appointments take place in our clients’ homes, hotels, or even offices, ensuring that they can get the health assessment they need without long visits to the doctor’s office.

Your Path to Living Healthier, Longer

1. Data Collection – Our in-depth Executive Testing evaluates over 500 biomarkers, provides a detailed overview of your health status, and includes a comprehensive medical history evaluation and physical exam with your provider. Your blood is drawn in the comfort of your home.

Executive Physicals include:

  • Wellness Panel: Provides insightful measurements on core aspects of your health to gain an accurate picture of your current health status.
  • Hormone Panel: Checks for abnormal hormone levels that may affect your mood, weight balance, sex drive, muscle mass, and energy levels.
  • GRAIL Cancer Test: An early cancer screening that can detect more than 50 types of cancers, many of which are not traditionally screened by standard methods.
  • Natera Hereditary Genetic Cancer Test: Screens for 53 genes associated with a risk of 12+ common hereditary cancers.
  • Comprehensive Genetic Test: The 3×4 Genetic Tests screens for over 200 markers that provide insights into major health and performance areas.
  • Food Sensitivity: Checks your reaction to 100 commonly reactive foods, providing insight into which foods might be contributing to inflammation or gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Micronutrient: Measures the function of specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids within your cells, which can be used to determine specific micronutrient deficiencies to guide dietary and supplementation protocols.
  • EKG: An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a simple test to check for signs of heart disease and to monitor the functioning of the heart.
  • Full Body MRI (Optional): Detect early signs of cancer, common diseases, and other anatomic abnormalities.
  • Calcium-Score Screening Heart Scan – Cardiac CT (Optional): Preventative risk assessment for the possibility of a heart attack. Once your risk level is known, we can help you address & optimize your heart health.

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2. Comprehensive Review 

Our provider will review your results with you during an in-home visit. We will empower you to understand the changes you can make to positively affect your health. If any diagnoses are made and specialist care is required, we can refer you to a specialist in your area from our extensive network of doctors. 

3. Personalized Wellness Plan

After your results review, we will introduce your personalized health plan that may include a customized diet, supplements, hormone therapy plan, and a monthly vitamin IV (optional).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during an executive physical?

  • The executive physical is completed in 4 appointments.
    • Appointment 1 – 60 minutes: Comprehensive medical history evaluation and physical exam with our medical provider
    • Appointment 2 – 30 minutes: Blood draw #1
    • Appointment 3 – 30 minutes: Blood draw #2 
    • Appointment 4 – 60 minutes: Comprehensive review of your personalized wellness plan with our medical provider 

How do I prepare for the blood draws?

For your blood draw we ask that you fast and drink nothing but water for 8-12 hours for the best accuracy of lab tests.

How long do the results take to come back?

Due to the comprehensive nature of the genetic evaluation, the follow up visit is typically scheduled for 1 month after the first visit to allow for all testing to be completed.

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