Can You Get A Rapid Covid-19 Test At Home With A Covid-19 Test Kit?

If you’ve been exposed to someone who currently has Covid-19, you will no doubt want fast answers. Long lines at testing centers and backlogs at laboratories can mean delays in obtaining your results. Can you test yourself at home with a Covid-19 test kit? Let’s talk about at-home kits and what they can and cannot do.

Can You Test Yourself At Home With A Covid-19 Test Kit?

Yes, you can purchase a RT-PCR test for home use. Depending on which kit you choose, you can either pick it up at certain pharmacies or have it delivered directly to your home.

The exact materials of the kit vary slightly from lab to lab, but in general, they contain the following materials:

  • A nasal swab
  • A collection tube
  • Packaging to send your sample to the lab for processing
  • Instructions for use

At-home kits are simple to use. Your test will require administration of a nasal swab to collect a sample from the back of your sinus cavity. You will then use the packaging provided to send the sample back to the lab for analysis.

The new at-home saliva test is another type of RT-PCR test. The DIY saliva kit will be much the same as the nasal swab kit, except that instead of a cotton swab, you’ll need to provide a spit sample in the provided container. You will then mail your sample back to the lab for processing.

How long does it take to obtain the results?

Your results will not be available immediately. You will need to send your sample to the lab designated by the manufacturer of the kit and wait for their analysis. The length of time for results will depend on the specific laboratory, but can vary from 3 days to a week or more.

How are they delivered?

At-home test kits are either delivered to you via the mail or can be obtained at select pharmacies, depending on the brand chosen.

How much do they cost?

The price of at-home test kits varies, as does whether insurance will cover the cost of the test.

Are at-home kits FDA approved?

It depends. All test kits are cleared for use under the FDA’s emergency use authorization, but not all at-home kits have been FDA approved in the traditional sense. We recommend that you review the test’s manufacturer details on their website.

How accurate are they?

Labs self-report the accuracy of their tests, and the accuracy of kits depends according to the particular manufacture.

Can you get a rapid Covid-19 test (antigen test) at home?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a DIY at-home rapid Covid-19 test as of the writing of this article.

Will a blood sample be necessary?

It is not necessary to provide a blood sample for a rapid antigen test or the RT-PCR test. It is, however, required for an antibody test, which can only be performed in a clinic or by an in-home medical service at this time.

Is there an antibody option?

No, an DIY at-home antibody test kit option is not currently available.

How Do At-Home COVID Test Kits Compare Against A Home Service?

A professional at-home medical service is an alternative way to get tested for Covid-19 at home. This type of service has many benefits when compared to DIY kits.

In-home services are performed by licensed clinicians; therefore, they can offer the antibody and rapid antigen tests that are not currently available as DIY kits. The level of care they provide is excellent. With an at-home service, you can rest assured that your test will be conducted correctly.

You also don’t need to worry about shipping – your clinician will take care of that. You will also have a personal consultation with a medical professional explaining the results of your test, as well as recommendations as to how to proceed in the event you do test positive.


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