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Concierge MD provides on-demand house calls for urgent care and primary care needs in the comfort of your home, hotel or office.

We cater to our patients’ schedules, meeting them when and where they need to help make healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Our modern, concierge healthcare includes on-demand accessibility with house calls and telemedicine, personalized care management and membership plans, and modern medicine services such as IV therapy and anti-aging medicine. We also offer in-home covid-19 testing, corporate covid testing, on-site event services and more. In addition, our practice also has a focus on addiction medicine, offering discrete in-home detox and ongoing medical management.

CEO & Founder

Dr. Abe Malkin, M.D. M.B.A


Dr. Abe Malkin, M.D. M.B.A is a Southern California native. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and Biology at Yeshiva University in NYC. He then went on to earn a combined MD/MBA degree from a joint program at Tufts University School of Medicine and Brandies University Heller School of Business.  He then completed his Family Medicine Residency training at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. Dr. Malkin is board certified in Family Medicine and an active member of the American Board of Family Medicine.

In addition to being the founder of Concierge MD, he is also the founder and CEO of Drip Hydration, a mobile IV hydration and mobile medical services company that primarily provides in-home IV treatments to patients throughout the United States.  Dr. Malkin is also board certified in Addiction Medicine and a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He serves as the medical director for Elite Home Detox , Grace Recovery Center and 1 Method Treatment Center and is also a staff physician for Avalon Malibu.

Co-Founder & CMO

Dr. Kumar, M.D. M.B.A


Dr. Neal Kumar is the Co-Founder and CMO of ConciergeMD. He received his combined MD/MBA degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. He then completed his Dermatology Residency training at Rush University in Chicago, where he also served as chief resident. Dr. Kumar is Board Certified in Dermatology and holds an MBA in health management.  Dr. Kumar is also an avid photographer and has been featured by Apple, Huffington Post, Marriott, Gucci, Mexico Board of Tourism, and Chicago Magazine.  His photography work on Instagram can be seen here.

“For me, starting a concierge practice was the right decision. It takes away the time pressure and actually takes money out of the equation because my membership patients pay a flat rate. I have time with my patients to diagnose properly, work on implementing lifestyle changes and treat the underlying problem more effectively.”

Meet Our Care Team


Eesha Parkash

Director of Operations

Dr. Sogol Ash

Clinical Director
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Danielle Newman, D.O

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Erika Karmash, P.A

Physician Assistant
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Alyson Yanofsky, N.P

Nurse Practitioner
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Melody, P.A.


Rachelle, N.P.


Katie, R.N.

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Cristina, R.N.


Nicholas, P.A.

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