The Benefits Of At-Home Vs Community Testing Centers For COVID-19

Getting tested for COVID-19 is the most effective way to keep your loved ones safe if you’re sick. You can get tested at designated community centers, drive-ins, some universities, doctors’ offices, and urgent care facilities. You can also get tested with an in-home service such as Concierge MD. Which option is right for you? Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

COVID-19 testing at community centers, drive-ins, and other in-person locations

There are many testing centers and drive-in locations in Los Angeles, which you can find here. Consult with your healthcare provider before getting a test to determine which test is right for your needs.


  • Your test is administered by a licensed medical professional to ensure the nasal swab is collected properly.
  • A test administered at a testing center should be covered by insurance.
  • There are many testing centers in Los Angeles, so you should have one near you. If you can, make an appointment to save yourself time.
  • You don’t have to deal with the hassle of administering and shipping a DIY kit.


  • Due to the high demand for COVID-19 tests, you may have to wait hours in a long line to get tested.
  • The high demand for tests means potential backlogs at the processing lab and, in turn, delays in your results.
  • If someone near you has the virus, you could potentially be exposed and get sick.
  • If you’re sick, you could accidentally expose others to the virus while waiting in line.

At-home COVID-19 testing

At-home COVID-19 testing can refer to one of two methods. The first is a DIY testing kit. This at-home kit can either be sent to your home or picked up at select pharmacies. You’ll need to administer the nasal swab yourself, after which you need to send the sample to a lab for processing. Your results generally return in 3 business days.

Your other at-home test option is with a professional medical service such as Concierge MD. One of our licenced nurses comes to your home, administers the test, and takes care of shipping the test for you. They will also consult with you about what your test results mean, as well as provide guidance if your test does come back positive.

Here are the benefits of in-home testing with Concierge MD.


  • In-home testing saves you time since you don’t have to wait in long lines or traffic.
  • You don’t risk exposing yourself to the virus at a testing center.
  • You don’t risk exposing others to the virus if you are sick.
  • Your test is private, which is ideal for high-profile individuals or celebrities.
  • Your test is administered by a licensed clinician so you can ensure the sample is collected properly.


  • Your in-home test may not be covered by insurance.
  • If your health plan covers private COVID-19 testing, you may need to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed by your insurance company.
  • Concierge MD only services select cities.

What does a COVID-19 screening show?

Your COVID-19 test will show one of two things, depending on which type of screening you get.

  • RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests are designed to test for active infections.
  • Antibody tests detect if you previously had a COVID-19 infection, whether or not you had symptoms.


Convenient, In-Home Testing With Concierge MD

Concierge MD brings safe, convenient COVID-19 tests directly to you. Our nurses wear medical grade protective equipment for your safety and can administer the RT-PCR, rapid antigen, and antibody tests.

Our RT-PCR and antibody test results typically return within 3 days. Our rapid antigen tests can give results within 15 minutes. Learn more about our in-home testing service or book an appointment today.

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