In-Home Lab Tests

We administer a wide variety of in-home lab tests to help you identify deficiencies and optimize your overall health and wellness.

Lab Tests With Concierge MD

We provide a broad selection of comprehensive lab tests. Whether you need hormone, genetic, food, allergy testing, or another diagnostic, we’ve got you covered. Our lab draws are done at your location, where one of our licensed nurses will come to take a sample.

What you should expect during your visit: 

  • Schedule your appointment time
  • A licensed medical professional will come to you to do your lab draws
  • Your sample will be sent directly to the lab
  • Our team will interpret your test and consult with you to help you understand your results

How it Works

Our lab testing service includes an in-home lab draw, lab processing, and a consultation with a provider to review your results.



The comprehensive wellness panel looks at over 40 biomarkers to assess your overall health to identify areas of improvement.


Identifies potential food sensitivities which trigger inflammation and lead to symptoms of discomfort and unease.


Ideal for those who are interested in the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement or those suffering from hormonal conditions.


Ideal for those who are interested in the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy or those suffering from hormonal conditions.


The Microbial Profile is the most comprehensive group of stool tests that assess the diverse gut microbiome.


Identifies vitamin and mineral deficiencies that impact energy levels, immune system function, mood, and more.

STD Panel - $399

Urine tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and HSV (Herpes Simplex).


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