In-home ketamine therapy: Restoring emotional wellness

Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve your mental health with an in-home ketamine treatment program designed around your needs.

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Why Choose Concierge MD x Wondermed?

Optimizing your health doesn’t stop at your physical needs - your emotional and mental wellness are every bit as important for comprehensive well-being. Anxiety and depression can have a debilitating impact on your daily life, which is why we have collaborated with Wondermed to customize in-home ketamine treatment programs around patient needs. Find relief from your symptoms and achieve a happier, healthier you.

Am I A Candidate?

Wondermed program includes

  • Consultation With a Wondermed Clinician

    Consultation With a Wondermed Clinician

    One of our licensed providers will work with you to develop a treatment program customized to your unique needs.

  • Customized Online Dashboard

    Customized Online Dashboard

    Easy online access to Wondermed’s preparation and integration protocols, such as 28 Days of Wonder, a daily 15-minute integration program.

  • Tailored Month-by-Month Program

    Tailored Month-by-Month Program

    Regular consultations ensure that ketamine treatments are effective and continually optimized to help patients achieve their mental health goals.

  • Healing, Musicologist-Produced Soundscapes

    Healing, Musicologist-Produced Soundscapes

    Our library of soundscapes includes healing frequencies that compliment your ketamine treatment sessions.

  • Self-Led Ketamine Treatments

    Self-Led Ketamine Treatments

    Prescription dosage and frequency vary from patient to patient in order to match patient needs throughout treatment.

  • Check-in Calls and Direct Support (Optional)

    Check-in Calls and Direct Support (Optional)

    Our team can answer questions between clinician visits and offer additional support during your treatment as needed.

  • In-Home Wondermed Treatment Kit

    In-Home Wondermed Treatment Kit

    Treatment kits come with your prescribed ketamine lozenges, natural supplements, journal, eye mask, and blood pressure monitor.

  • Ally Support

    Ally Support

    Wondermed helps empower your healing team with resources that lay the foundation for a safe and effective recovery.

Experience holistic healing with Wondermed’s innovative fusion of psychedelic medicine and complementary resources.

$399 monthly
Am I A Candidate?
Wondermed program includes

How ketamine works

  • Puts you into a deep meditative state by influencing brain wave activity.

  • Helps reverse damage to neurons that may contribute to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Stimulates new connections between neurons, facilitating the development of new, positive emotional and cognitive patterns.

  • Helps regulate mood and emotions through improved connections throughout the brain.

Revolutionizing mental health

Revolutionizing mental health

Ketamine is:
  • Fast-Acting:

    Ketamine works quickly to relieve symptoms, often within hours of a single treatment.

  • Safe:

    This treatment is well-tolerated with no known physical or psychological side effects when used as prescribed by a medical professional.

  • Effective:

    Ketamine can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms, particularly in patients who have treatment-resistant depression or anxiety.

  • Legal:

    Ketamine is FDA approved, legal for off-label use, and has been used in hospitals since the 1970’s.

Concierge x Wondermed: What to Expect

  • Meet your clinician

    A Wondermed physician will consult with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

    Meet your clinician
  • Heal in the comfort of home

    Everything you need for your treatment is shipped directly to your home.

    Heal in the comfort of home
  • Change your life

    Achieve lasting change with digital tools and complementary resources that help transform thought patterns.

    Change your life
Am I A Candidate?


Ketamine has been a life-changing experience for me. As a fast-acting psychedelic medicine, it allowed me to explore an altered state of consciousness that helped me gain insights that have helped me tremendously in my daily life.”

Aubrey Marcus, Founder of Onnit

Wondermed helped me to gain clarity and perspective that I can HANDLE ANYTHING thrown my way and I have all the tools I need within me.”

Sophie Jaffe, Health & Wellness Expert

The positive changes I see in my life as a result of my experience with Wondermed treatment are pronounced and profound. This program has empowered me to be the best version of myself mentally, in my sport, in my work, and in my relationships.”

Travis Brewer, American Ninja Warrior

I’ve noticed really profound changes in my thinking patterns and was able to overcome stress in minutes instead of days. The ‘swirling energy’ and the feelings of connection were so vividly seen and felt while taking ketamine.”

Dr. Jennifer Anders, Psychologist

It feels like new parts of my brain are unlocked.”

Dr. Ariana Medizade, Doctor of Pharmacy

Restore your mental health

Experience clarity and relief from anxiety and depression after one month of treatment with our personalized program.

Find peace and emotional wellness with Concierge MD x Wondermed’s in-home ketamine treatment. Let’s go

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