NAD+ Therapy

NAD is essential to cellular health but levels decline as we age. We offer NAD therapy to replenish NAD levels and offer a variety of anti-aging benefits.

Benefits of NAD Therapy:

Your body’s cells use energy powerhouses known as mitochondria to work to their fullest potential.  When NAD levels are low, mitochondria have a hard time keeping your cells fueled.

The body relies on NAD for:

  • mental clarity
  • concentration
  • memory
  • energy
  • muscle/tendon/cartilage repair
  • workout performance
  • recovery
  • metabolic function

Order NAD+ Therapy

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nad therapy

NAD Therapy At Home

  • NAD Shots:  Self-administered subcutaneous injections that can be delivered anywhere in California with a physician’s order.
  • NAD IV Therapy: Schedule NAD IV drips at home anywhere in the LA metro area. Our nurses come to you.

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