Stay Safe With At-Home Antigen Testing For Covid-19

What Is The Antigen Test For Covid-19?

A Covid-19 antigen test is a swab of the throat or nasal passages that seeks to identify active cases of Covid-19.

What’s the difference between an antigen test and a PCR test?

The antigen test is designed to seek certain proteins collected from the surface of the virus. This test is different from the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) nasal swab test, which tracks genetic material from the virus.

When will I see results?

Antigen tests are not sent to a lab for processing; your results will be made available within an hour of your test.

How Does An In-home Antigen Test Work?

The in-home Covid-19 antigen test procedure with Concierge MD is easy. For your appointment, a registered nurse will visit your home with all the equipment and protective gear needed to proctor the test. The nurse will take a nasal swab sample from you and process it on site. The nurse will then consult with you about the results of your test and recommend next steps as needed.

Will the Covid-19 antigen test work?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a positive antigen test is considered particularly accurate. However, antigen tests have higher rates than PCR tests with regard to returning false negatives. Unfortunately, the test doesn’t always catch an active infection.

What Are Antigen Test False Positives And False Negatives?

In short, false positives and false negatives are incorrect test results.

  • False positive: The antigen test indicates a positive result despite the patient not actually being infected.
  • False negative: The antigen test comes back negative despite the patient being sick.

Because you may continue life normally after receiving a false negative result, this error can potentially spread Covid-19 or lead to worsening symptoms. False positives, on the other hand, can lead to further medical costs, treatments, and concern.

Depending on your circumstances, your nurse will suggest whether you should get a PCR test to confirm the results of your antigen test.


Safe In-Home Antigen and PCR Tests With Concierge MD

Whether you desire an at-home Antigen or PCR test, Concierge MD LA can meet your needs. We bring safe and convenient Covid-19 tests directly to the home or workspace. For your safety, our nurses maintain excellent safety and sanitation standards between their use of medical-grade masks, gloves, and practicing of social distancing. Learn more and make an appointment for our Covid-19 antigen or PCR tests here.

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