How Can You Get A Rapid Covid-19 Test For Your Child?

Although children seem to be less affected by Covid-19 than older age demographics, it’s still possible for them to contract the virus. If your child has been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 or is showing symptoms, you may want to know how you can you get a rapid Covid-19 test for your kid.

How To Get A Rapid Covid-19 Test For Your Kid

Getting a Rapid Covid-19 test for your kid is as simple as frequenting your local testing center or clinic. There, your nurse will perform either a throat or nasal swab and collect a sample from the sinus cavity. They will process the sample on-site, and your results will be ready in 15 minutes.

Is it safe to do a rapid Covid-19 test for your kid?

Yes, this procedure is safe for children.

When should you get your child tested?

You should have a rapid Covid-19 test done if…

  • You or your child has been in close proximity to someone who has contracted Covid-19
  • You or your child are symptomatic consistent with those of Covid-19
  • You need results quickly

Can you do a rapid self test?

At this time, rapid DIY tests are not available for home use. The DIY RT-PCR nasal swab kit or saliva kit, however, can be purchased for home use. However, with these tests, you will need to send your test sample to a lab for processing. Your results will only become available after 3 days.

What should I do if there’s a positive case at school?

If there’s a positive case of Covid-19 at school, we recommend that you follow your school district’s guidance and consult with your child’s doctor for your next steps.

Some parents may choose to keep their kids home from school and opt for remote learning. Ultimately, this decision is a personal one that comes down to the risk level that you are comfortable tolerating, a decision which of course can be made more complicated if you have older people or those with preexisting health problems living in your home.

Is in-home or a testing center a better option?

In-home testing has multiple advantages over testing performed at designated centers. Since this type of test is performed in a familiar environment, it may be a less stressful experience for your child. In-home testing also conserves your time and is less of a burden on your schedule. You won’t need to wait in line at a clinic or drive-in center.

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In-home appointments are particularly valuable if your child is sick, or if you’re busy working from home. You’ll receive the same quality of care as a local testing center would provide – all without having to leave your house.

In-Home Testing Makes Getting A COVID-Test For Your Kid Easy

If you want to get your child tested for Covid-19 safely, quickly, and in a comfortable environment, in-home testing with Concierge MD may be right for you. We bring your rapid antigen test to you for 15-minute results. Our friendly nurses maintain impeccable safety standards by wearing medical-grade protective gear and practicing social distancing as much as possible.

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