Executive Medical Protection

Our Executive Medical Protection program provides healthcare professionals to
you and your team while traveling, at business meetings, conferences, or events. Our on-site
medical services are customized to meet your needs.

On-Site Medical Provider

Licensed health professionals ready to provide urgent medical services.

Medical Treatment Support

On-demand medical treatment support for urgent care needs.

COVID-19 Testing & Recovery Services

Total testing solutions and treatment support.

Vitamin IV Therapy

IV drips to help boost energy, immunity, and mental clarity

Whole-Body Wellness

Fitness coaching, mindfulness, stretching and yoga, massage, and other wellness-minded services to support staff health and happiness.

Customized for Your Company

We assess the specific needs of your company and every employee to build a custom wellness program.

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On-site Medical Provider

  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Around the clock availability
  • On-demand medical supplies and treatments
  • End-of-day records provided

Medical Treatment Support

  • Medical assessments provided on-site
  • OTC Medications on hand to treat – pain, headaches, fevers, colds, allergic reactions, cuts, burns, digestive, and stomach issues
  • Prescriptions and vitamin IV therapy available as needed
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COVID-19 Testing & Recovery Services

  • Covid-19 testing readily available on-site
  • Covid-19 treatments available to help with symptoms and reduce viral load

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