Can You Get A Doctor For A Sinus Infection At Home?

As the house call healthcare practices experience a resurgence, many may wonder about the practicality of adding yet another doctor to their healthcare routines. People who have frequent sinus infections, however, may particularly benefit from getting a doctor for a sinus infection at home. They may also be surprised at what services are available from house call doctors. Read on to learn more!

What makes care from a concierge MD different for people with chronic sinus issues?

Concierge house call doctors typically have better availability for patients. Because they don’t deal with insurance, they aren’t required to visit you in person to administer care to receive payment.

Concierge practices also typically have 2-3 times the appointment length of your average PCP visit, meeting with patients for 45 minutes at a time or more. This allows patients to develop better relationships with their doctors, and get more health needs addressed early before they turn into big problems.

Many concierge providers also utilize telehealth to be available for patients’ questions and concerns between house calls.
Taken together, this type of care is ideal for individuals who have chronic sinus issues. Concierge doctors can take the time to get to the root of the problem, and patients don’t have to make frequent trips back and forth to the clinic when another sinus infection strikes.

Why are concierge MDs so different?

Dealing with insurance companies requires a lot of work, has high administrative costs, and typically requires doctors to cram in patients to afford additional administrative staff.

Concierge doctors instead accept payment directly, usually offering two payment options: “a la carte” services for payment upfront, or monthly memberships which include a range of services for a monthly fee.

What other services do concierge MDs offer?

Mobile concierge MDs typically offer a wider range of services than you might think, including:

  • Primary Care Services: This means your Concierge MD functions the same way as your Primary Care Physician (PCP). They can refill monthly prescriptions, administer annual exams, shots, and tests, coordinate with specialists, and more.
  • Urgent Care Services: Get treatment at home for issues like sinus and ear infections; cold, flu, and allergies; headaches and migraines; stomach flu and food poisoning.
  • Lab Testing: A nurse or doctor can collect samples for lab tests in the comfort of your home. Examples of tests include: Allergies and food sensitivities, STD tests, preventative health panels, hormone testing, Covid-19 testing, and more.
  • Diagnostic Tests: You may be surprised to learn that you can get tests like X-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, and echocardiograms in the comfort of your home.
  • Additional Luxury Services: Some mobile concierge providers offer additional luxury services, such as:
    • IV Therapy with formulas designed for wellness and recovery
    • Cosmetic treatments like hair restoration, Botox, and microneedling

Many mobile concierge doctors offer the services of a dedicated care coordinator. This person can help keep your prescriptions, treatment plans, and specialists organized to help you stay on track with your health goals.


Concierge MD Can Treat Your Sinus Infection At Home

If you need a doctor for a sinus infection at home, consider Concierge MD. We offer a wide range of primary, urgent care, lab testing, diagnostic, and luxury healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Our patient-focused philosophy means we understand that one-size-fits-most healthcare is not good enough.

Whether you need a one-time treatment, or are looking for a new PCP and wellness routine, we are dedicated to getting you the discrete, quality care that every person deserves. You can book our services with just a call or click – reach out today for an appointment!

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