How To Get Ongoing Professional Home IV Care

Whether you are a fully vaccinated IV therapy veteran looking to resume your health routine or looking to incorporate intravenous therapy into your health routine for the first time, convenience that caters to busy post-pandemic schedules is likely a priority. Read on to learn how you can get ongoing professional home IV care on your time and schedule.

The problem with IV bars in the ‘New Normal’

Prior to the pandemic, IV bars were quickly becoming popular. These establishments offer IV therapy services designed around bar or salon themes, meant to combine luxury with health care.

While these services were convenient prior to the pandemic, the busy schedules and added responsibilities of the New Normal have changed how we think about services. Waiting in reception areas and waiting rooms in healthcare settings with other sick people seems counterintuitive.

Plus, while regulations are lifting for most businesses, many companies are embracing some form of working from home as a permanent policy. With more people than ever before avoiding work commutes, making a pit stop at an IV bar no longer seems as convenient – or safe.

Why home IV care is a better alternative

Regular IV treatments can be beneficial for your health, but the time and effort needed to travel to and from appointments can add up quickly.

In-home IV treatments with Concierge MD, a mobile IV therapy service, can help. You can book an appointment online for one of our Registered Nurses to meet you at a convenient location and administer an IV Therapy session. Our expert will stay onsite for the duration of the session, ensuring your comfort and safety.



Concierge MD Can Bring IV Care to Your Home, Gym, or Workspace

If you want regular IV therapy in the comfort of your home, reach out to Concierge MD. We offer discounts for groups of 2 or more for mobile services. This means that families, friends, and/or colleagues can enjoy sessions together during the same appointment.

Concierge MD is excited to help you reach your health goals on your schedule. Call or click the button below today!

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ConciergeMD offers coverage throughout the United States.