What Is An Executive Physical And Where Can You Get One?

Getting an executive physical, also known as a VIP or concierge physical exam service, has been growing in popularity over the past few years. As the pandemic forces us to reexamine our general wellness, you may be looking to change your health routine. Read on for the benefits of executive medicine.

What makes an executive physical exam different?

The annual checkup is a barely tolerable tradition in which it feels like the doctor is trying to get done with you as quickly as possible.

Concierge healthcare providers want to change that. By sustaining their practices through upfront payments and monthly memberships, they can dedicate time normally spent on the administrative hassles of insurance claims to caring for patients instead. Practices offering executive services tend to limit the number of patients they have so they can give more time and personalized attention to every appointment.

An executive physical generally includes a comprehensive assessment of your health, including:

  • A review of your medical history and current lifestyle
  • Discussing any recent issues or health concerns you may have
  • Checking your vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, etc.
  • Evaluation for the signs of chronic conditions like heart, respiratory issues, etc,.

Sounds pretty typical, right?

Not quite. Unlike traditional primary healthcare, VIP services bring the medical practice to you. A doctor or nurse will come to your home, workspace, or hotel room and conduct a physical exam. Concierge practices also offer other health-related services to you on location, including administering lab tests as well as diagnostic scans. Select practices also offer other in-home services like Covid-19 testing, IV vitamin therapy, or discrete addiction treatment services.

If you choose to utilize VIP healthcare providers for your primary care needs, you will be assigned a dedicated coordinator who will arrange appointments and organize your care plans. Plans often involve additional perks, such as including annual flu shots and Covid-19 testing. Full wellness panel workups may also be included, so your executive healthcare physician can craft a customized health plan that addresses all your needs.

With executive medicine, you’re more than just another patient.


Concierge MD Can Show You The Executive Physical Experience

Consider Concierge MD when booking your executive physical experience. Whether you need an annual physical on a one-time basis to fulfill a health screen requirement or are looking to step up your general wellness with consistently attentive care, we are ready to meet your needs. With as little as 24 hours notice, one of our healthcare experts can meet you in your home, workspace, or hotel room to conduct a physical exam.

Our experienced care coordinators can assist you in scheduling any necessary follow up care at your convenience. In addition to mobile primary and urgent care services, we also offer in-home lab and Covid-19 testing, mobile IV therapy, and diagnostic scans. Expert care designed around you is how healthcare should be.
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