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Can a concierge doctor perform a work required physical exam at your office in Washington?

A physical exam is a healthcare examination that is normally performed annually by your Primary Care Physician (PCP). If you’ve ever seen a doctor for clearance to participate in school, sports, or job activities, you’ve undoubtedly undergone a physical exam.

Doctors suggest a yearly physical check to ensure health concerns are detected early, when treatment can have the most benefit.

Why should businesses encourage physical exams?

During the epidemic, many people consciously eschewed prophylactic treatment to avoid the hazards posed by Covid-19. According to experts, this would result in a substantial increase in malignancies and other chronic diseases that are often detected early through preventative health measures.

Experts also foresee a rise in despair and suicide, as many failed to take advantage of the chance offered by physical tests to seek assistance from a reliable, confidential source.

Adding to the tragedy of the consequences of a lack of preventive treatment is the price. Treatment gets progressively more expensive and time-consuming as sicknesses and illnesses worsen, so employees may need to take more time off or go on disability.

Can concierge doctors perform work required physical exams for businesses?

On-site physicals can be administered by concierge physicians in Washington, either as an individual service or as a corporate-sponsored service. If you are interested in having an annual exam performed by a concierge physician, they can see you at your home, business, or hotel. If the visit will take place at your job, you will need to ensure that your doctor has access to the facility that a private room is available for the exam.

Additionally, mobile concierge practices provide group discounts and incentives to organizations who sponsor employee preventative health. You can arrange for one or more healthcare professionals to conduct yearly physical exams for your staff at the workplace. Providers will carry the appropriate equipment to administer exams and ensure that proper hygiene practices are adhered to.


Concierge MD Can Bring Preventative Health Care To Your Office

Whether you’re a busy professional looking to fit a physical exam into your busy schedule or a large office trying to urge employees to engage in self-care, Concierge MD can help.

With just a call or click, you can schedule one of our health care professionals to come to your office and conduct a physical exam. We also offer a range of general wellness services you can add on to your exam, such as:

  • Covid-19 Testing: We offer RT-PCR, rapid PCR, rapid antigen, and antibody Covid-19 testing. A convenient option to fulfill travel or event participation requirements!
  • IV Therapy: Boost energy levels, recover from your workout faster, or super-charge your immune system before travel. We offer a range of formulas that complete in approximately 45 minutes.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: Botox injections, hair restoration, chemical peels, and more – you can schedule a late-afternoon treatment and discretely be the last one to leave the office!
  • Flu shots and Vaccines: Protect yourself from getting sick by making sure all your shots are up to date.

We also offer memberships for those looking to utilize us as their primary care physician. Our dedicated care coordinators will keep your appointments, prescriptions, and treatment plans organized to help you stay on track and reach your health goals.

We give incentives to promote wellness, like progressive group discounts and ongoing service contract rewards. Let Concierge MD show you why we’re the best choice for onsite physical exams for businesses. Call or click the button below to schedule a consultation today!

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