Can A Concierge Doctor Conduct Onsite Physical Exams For Businesses?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employers supporting the health and general wellness of their employees. Can preventative healthcare be administered in the office? Can a concierge doctor conduct onsite physical exams for businesses? Is this beneficial to businesses in the first place? Read on to learn more!

What are physical exams, and why are they important?

A physical exam is a healthcare screening conducted in person, typically done annually by your Primary Care Physician (PCP). If you’ve ever had a doctor’s appointment to get approval for participation in school, sports, or work activities, then you’ve likely had a physical exam.

Physical exams are typically broken into three parts:

  • Medical History: The doctor will discuss your medical history, including any known family history of health issues; your lifestyle, and any concerns you may have about your health.
  • General Appearance and Vital Signs: The doctor will assess you through your interactions and take note of mood, ease of movement, mental clarity, and skin health. They will also check temperature, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.
  • Chronic Condition Evaluation: The doctor will look for signs that may indicate you are at risk of developing a chronic condition, like respiratory or heart issues. This can include examining your ears, nose, eyes, sinuses, head, and neck.

Doctors recommend that you receive a physical exam annually to ensure health problems are caught early, when intervention can have the most impact.

Why should businesses encourage physical exams?

Many people actively avoided preventative care during the pandemic to avoid the risks presented by Covid-19. Experts believe this is going to cause a sharp increase in cancers and other chronic conditions normally caught earlier through preventative health measures.

Experts also anticipate an increase in depression and suicide, as many missed the opportunity presented by physical exams to seek help from a trusted, confidential source.

The tragedy of the effects of a lack of preventative care is only further deepened by the expense. The further ailments and illnesses progress, treatment becomes exponentially more expensive and time consuming, meaning employees may need to utilize more time off or go on disability.

As vaccinations stall and Covid-19 variants emerge, people need encouragement to seek out preventative care. Employees who have already requested flexibility throughout the pandemic may be hesitant to request further accommodations to attend appointments. And anyone who is at high risk of severe illness, unvaccinated, or has a high risk/unvaccinated person in their household may be unable to risk exposure to Covid-19 or other highly contagious illnesses they could potentially encounter at the doctor’s office.

Can concierge doctors perform onsite physical exams for businesses?

Concierge doctors can perform physicals onsite at workplaces, either as an individual service or a corporate-sponsored service. If you are interested in having a concierge doctor conduct your annual exam, they can meet you at your home, workplace, or hotel room. If the appointment will be at your workplace, you will need to make sure your doctor has access to the building and that you have a private room in which the exam can take place.

Mobile concierge practices also offer group discounts and incentives to businesses that sponsor preventative health for employees. You can arrange for one or more healthcare professional(s) to come to your workplace and complete annual physical exams for your employees. Services can give advice on the best strategies to designate area(s) for the exams to take place. Providers will bring the necessary materials to conduct exams and ensure proper hygiene protocols are followed.

Concierge doctors who offer corporate-sponsored services typically offer a range of services, including:

  • Covid-19 testing
  • Flu shots
  • Vaccinations
  • And more

Providing these services for employees offers the protection of preventative care without the risk of exposure found at the doctor’s office. As workers demand more benefits and accountability, a strong preventative health care program can be a strong incentive to attract and retain valuable and talented employees.


Concierge MD Can Bring Preventative Health Care To Your Office

Whether you’re a busy professional looking to fit a physical exam into your busy schedule or a large office trying to urge employees to engage in self-care, Concierge MD can help.

With just a call or click, you can schedule one of our health care professionals to come to your office and conduct a physical exam. We also offer a range of general wellness services you can add on to your exam, such as:

  • Covid-19 Testing: We offer RT-PCR, rapid PCR, rapid antigen, and antibody Covid-19 testing. A convenient option to fulfill travel or event participation requirements!
  • IV Therapy: Boost energy levels, recover from your workout faster, or super-charge your immune system before travel. We offer a range of formulas that complete in approximately 45 minutes.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: Botox injections, hair restoration, chemical peels, and more – you can schedule a late-afternoon treatment and discretely be the last one to leave the office!
  • Flu shots and Vaccines: Protect yourself from getting sick by making sure all your shots are up to date.

We also offer memberships for those looking to utilize us as their primary care physician. Our dedicated care coordinators will keep your appointments, prescriptions, and treatment plans organized to help you stay on track and reach your health goals.

We give incentives to promote wellness, like progressive group discounts and ongoing service contract rewards. Let Concierge MD show you why we’re the best choice for onsite physical exams for businesses. Call or click the button below to schedule a consultation today!

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