How To Get Employee Covid Testing In Inland Empire

There are various methods for employee Covid testing in the Inland Empire, including DIY (do-it-yourself) kits, relying on employees to self-report, and professional testing onsite. This article will outline the differences between each testing method, the pros, and cons, and explain how to schedule professional onsite testing in the Inland Empire online.

DIY test kits

Do-it-yourself Covid testing kits are available at many pharmacies and online retailers. Some tests provide results in just 15 minutes. However, these tests are not always as accurate as professionally administered tests, mainly because you may not push the swab far enough into your nose so that it touches the back of your throat. This negatively affects the accuracy of the test. The sample may also degrade in the mail, increasing the chance that it will return incorrect results.

Relying on employees to self-report

Relying on your employees to self-report their Covid symptoms and test results is the least effective way of keeping Covid under control in the workplace. This is because your employees may not be honest about their Covid symptoms and test status to continue working, as they would need to quarantine themselves (and thereby not be working) for two weeks while the virus is most contagious.

Professional Testing At Your Workplace

Professional testing onsite is the most reliable method of employee Covid testing in the Inland Empire. These tests are administered by qualified medical professionals, ensuring more accurate results than the DIY Covid testing kits. This also makes testing more convenient, as your employees are tested at the workplace.

Concierge MD offers professional onsite employee Covid testing in the Inland Empire. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation!

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