What Are The Benefits Of A House Call Doctor For The Elderly?

A concierge doctor is a medical professional who comes to their patients’ homes and treats them there rather than in a hospital. One of the biggest populations that can benefit from these doctors is the elderly. A house call doctor for the elderly is an excellent option for many reasons. We’re going to take a look at five of them in this article.

Five benefits of a house call doctor for the elderly

1. Convenience

The convenience factor cannot be overstated when it comes to house call doctors whether the patient is young or old. One of the biggest reasons senior citizens don’t pursue medical treatment and regular checkups is that they simply can’t make it to the doctor.

With old age comes a decline in motor skills, cognitive abilities, and reflexes. All of these are essential to driving a car, which is the only way that many people can get to a doctor. The fact that a house call doctor comes to your home takes transportation out of the equation and makes treatment a possibility.

2. Simplifying routine care

For advanced and improved care, regular visits should be performed by a house doctor. The older you get, the easier it is for your body to decline, making regular visits a must.

Routine services like blood work, lab tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, and forms of IV therapy can be performed by a concierge doctor without the need to visit a specialist. Concierge doctors can also perform vaccines, flu shots, and Covid testing, making it easy for the elderly to get the preventive care they need.

3. Autonomy

In-home appointments are valuable for the patient’s autonomy. Instead of burdening friends or family with taking them to appointments, the patient can make their own appointments on their time and schedule.

Another big factor that can keep the elderly from visiting the doctor is the concern about being seen. Pride is very real in human nature, and some people don’t like to admit that they’re getting older and need medical attention. A concierge doctor removes this factor and ensures that the appointment is as discreet as possible.

4. Longer appointments

When a patient goes to the hospital or the doctor’s office, there are metrics to meet and a tight schedule that has to be maintained. This means that patients may not get more than 10 minutes with their physician before their appointment is over.

A concierge doctor can take as much time as needed to provide proper treatment to their patients. This means that patients can expect treatment plans that will address their needs more comprehensively, which in turn makes for better health outcomes.

5. Telemedicine

Medical advice and treatment are now available on the computer, but many elderly patients don’t want to wade through the internet for confusing – or even conflicting – advice about their medication or condition.

Telemedicine is where a doctor provides medical advice by talking to their patients via Zoom, Skype, or phone. This form of medicine is great for checking in with patients, offering hands-off advice, and answering questions between appointments.


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