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Why a Concierge Functional Medicine Doctor Means Well-Rounded, Personal Care

Functional medicine, also known as integrative medicine, is a whole-body approach to optimizing your overall health. By combining this preventive approach with physician knowledge and customized care, you can improve your long-term health outcomes.

Long-term health is like any type of preventive measure: best if practiced regularly over time. Functional medicine is an ideal complement to long-term health plans. Also known as integrative medicine, functional medicine is a relatively new field that aims to prevent disease by practicing holistic, full-body wellness. Functional medicine does treat disease as well, although the approach is slightly different than you might find in a traditional clinic setting.

By eating well, taking supplements, having regular checkups, and exercising regularly, you’re already practicing many of the tenets of functional medicine. Combined with physician knowledge and advice, functional medicine is a powerful tool to help you stay in great health year-round.

functional medicineConcierge MD and Functional Health

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to healthcare. Everyone’s health needs are different, and there are so many factors to consider in order to find the best long-term plan for the individual.

Unfortunately, many traditional clinics are swamped with patients and don’t always have enough time to spend with individuals. As a result, it’s common for clinics to treat the symptoms of your ailment. However, you wouldn’t be having symptoms without an underlying cause.

Concierge MD practices functional medicine to treat the cause of what’s troubling you, not just the symptoms. We look at your medical history, consider your lifestyle habits, and collaborate with you to find a treatment plan to help you feel better. Our approach to your health is collaborative, meaning that we aren’t just prescribing you medications or telling you what to do. Our goal is to improve your health not just on a situational basis, but for overall long-term health.

Concierge MD is not limited by the time constraints that you might find in a traditional clinic setting. We can take as much time as is needed to address not only what’s ailing you at the present, we can develop a preventive health care plan for the future.

functional medicinePersonalize Your Health with Concierge MD

Functional medicine is a great way to keep your health in top shape year-round, every year. Concierge MD can help, working with you to find the best solutions for you as we’re guiding you towards your optimal long-term health.

Concierge MD isn’t limited to house calls. You can have appointments wherever is most convenient to you whether you’re at work, at a hotel, at home, or elsewhere in Los Angeles.

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