Can A Concierge Doctor Help You Treat An Ear Infection?

If your ear is troubling you, it’s possible that you have an ear infection. Getting professional treatment can help you feel better fast, but what if you don’t want to wait weeks to see a doctor? Don’t fret – you can get a concierge doctor for an ear infection for fast in-home care.

Signs of an ear infection

Signs of an ear infection include:

  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy nose
  • Fever
  • Earache

Your doctor will inspect the inside of your ear with an instrument known as an otoscope, and they will be able to see if your eardrum is red or bulging with fluid behind it, which are both signs of an infection. Your doctor may also use an instrument called a tympanometer. It uses sound and air pressure to check for inflammation in your middle ear.

Treatments for an ear infection

If a virus causes your ear infection, antibiotics won’t be of any use. Still, if bacteria cause the ear infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for you. If your doctor does prescribe you antibiotics, be sure to follow all instructions and take the whole course of doses even if you start to feel better, as your ear infection could come back if you do not take the entire regimen.

There are also over-the-counter medications and home remedies available. You can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the pain and lower your fever. You can also use a heating pad to manage your pain.

Suppose your ear infection causes serious complications, or fluid remains in your ear for a long time. In that case, your doctor may perform a procedure called a myringotomy, in which they puncture a small hole in your eardrum to allow fluids like water, blood, or pus to drain out. Your doctor may also put in a tube to prevent it from backing up again.

In-Home Concierge Medicine Makes Treatment Easy

In-home appointments are simple and hassle-free. A house call doctor will come to your home and conduct the appointment in the comfort of your own home. This allows you more time to rest rather than having to commute to and from a doctor’s office.

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