Upset woman examining her skin in a small mirror.

Can a Concierge Doctor Prescribe and Dispense Antibiotics For Acne?

Upset woman examining her skin in a small mirror.

Acne can cause discomfort and often results in decreased confidence. Worse, an outbreak can happen at the most inopportune times. Antibiotics can treat acne, and concierge medicine can help get you the medication you need when you need it. 

In this post, we will look at the benefits of concierge medicine to help with getting acne treatment and some of the antibiotic medications prescribed to help treat sudden acne outbreaks.

Antibiotics for Acne 

If you have a sudden acne outbreak, antibiotics are an effective treatment. The two primary types of antibiotics used to treat acne are oral and topical, usually applied as a cream. Among these are the antibiotics doxycycline, tetracycline, and erythromycin.

The way antibiotics work to treat acne is by eliminating the harmful bacteria that cause acne in the first place. Sometimes the medication can slow or halt the growth of new bacteria, thereby preventing further outbreaks.

It is important to note that some risks are associated with the overuse of antibiotics, including:

  • Lessening of bacteria in the gut due to antibiotic use. Gut bacteria help with digestion and aid in metabolic health and other factors.
  • Reduced effectiveness due to long-term or repeated use.
  • Antibiotic resistance and reduced clinical effectiveness1 that can result in more frequent outbreaks as bacteria become more able to survive with antibiotics.

Can a Concierge Doctor Prescribe and Dispense Antibiotics to Treat Acne? 

Concierge doctors are licensed professionals who can treat a wide range of medical conditions and come directly to your home. With access to a broad range of medications to treat acne, they can prescribe essential antibiotics promptly.

If your acne treatment requires further care, your concierge physician can refer you to a specialist who can provide further help to you with your acne.

What are the Benefits of a Concierge Doctor

A concierge doctor who can give you antibiotics for acne has many benefits.

  • With a concierge doctor, you can get unlimited access to information and same-day visits thanks to telehealth.
  • If you need medication, online consultations make it easier to get refills.
  • Concierge doctors can make house calls within 24 hours if you need a checkup or your acne worsens. They may be able to dispense medicine on-site to help with your acne.
  • Concierge doctors also have access to a wide range of care and specialists so that if your condition changes, they can either help or refer you to a specialist who can.

The Importance of Responsible Antibiotic Use

Woman in White Tank Top with antibiotic Cream for acne on Her Hands. Antibiotics are a powerful tool to help treat acne. However, they have their limits and risks, which means responsible use is more important than ever. Antibiotic resistance is widespread because the more a person uses antibiotics for a particular problem like acne, the more the bacteria that causes acne get used to it.

Having a concierge doctor available can help you manage antibiotic use by allowing you to control the amount you use and even help with alternative prescribing options for treating your acne.

There are some alternative methods to treat acne, such as pore cleansers, detoxifiers, and astringents. Hygiene and keeping your skin and pores clean are the best ways to minimize the bacteria that cause acne. Other solutions include improving your diet and avoiding greasy, fried foods and certain oils.


If you have struggled with acne and found no relief with other methods, consider hiring a concierge doctor service who can prescribe antibiotics for acne. Antibiotics can help to slow the growth of bacteria that cause acne and even stop it altogether.

However, using antibiotics responsibly is essential; having a concierge doctor available can make this easier. It’s a good idea to try other alternatives to acne treatment, but antibiotics can be an excellent last resort for those who have tried all other avenues.

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[1] Bhate K, Mansfield KE, Sinnott SJ, et al. Long-term oral antibiotic use in people with acne vulgaris in UK primary care: a drug utilization study, British Journal of Dermatology, Volume 188, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages 361–371,

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