Can You Save Money With House Call Doctors?

If you become intensely ill or find moving around difficult, having a medical professional come to your home can prove invaluable. While the general population often travels to the doctor for their appointments, this is not as easy for many of us. This may include the older population, people with transportation considerations, or those who become extremely sick. There are many benefits of having a physician come to your home, but can you actually save money with house call doctors? Let’s take a look.

What is a house call?

A house call is when a physician visits you in your own home or location versus you needing to go to a facility or office. Historically, house calls were common in the 1940s, with approximately 40% of care being delivered in the home. This changed after WWII due to doctors preferring to work in offices.

However, we are seeing these services beginning to return, which provides excellent alternatives to vulnerable populations and those looking for quality health care without the hassle of insurance. Many companies provide both urgent care house calls and primary care house calls to address routine care and unexpected infections and minor injuries. If you have a life-threatening condition, you need to visit an emergency room.

How does in-home care save you money?

Although house calls are not typically covered by insurance, the fee-for-service model that many in-home practices operate under can be less expensive.

In 2016, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) completed a trial project that showed many benefits for in-home doctor visits, including savings of $3,070 in the first year and $1,010 in the second year per person.

While savings for insurance companies or federal programs is great, it also provides financial relief in the form of better care and fewer hospitalizations for families and patients. In addition, house calls can save patients transportation costs – especially those with chronic conditions that may require multiple trips to a doctor’s office. Many people are not able to drive and worry about getting transportation to and from doctor’s offices.

Beyond costs, some patients may find moving difficult, such as the elderly or individuals with arthritis. Those who have oxygen tanks or other equipment can struggle to carry everything with them, and families must arrange for time off for driving children to and from appointments.

In-Home Health Care With Concierge MD

House calls can help individuals with a wide range of concerns and help prevent the spread of illness, which is crucial as the Omicron variant is now on the rise. Since those who may be sick with something contagious can be treated at home, they will not be in the same vicinity as other patients, halting the chance of spreading the virus.

If you currently work with a physician you enjoy, speak to them about if house calls are possible. If that is not a feasible option, Concierge MD can help. We offer on-demand medical calls in many US cities. We can complete comprehensive exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications, and treat a wide range of conditions, all in your home. Save money with house call doctors and schedule your appointment today!

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