Can a House Call Doctor Prescribe Antibiotics?

House call doctors or Concierge doctors offer the utmost convenience when it comes to medical needs, and this includes prescribing antibiotics. Getting house visits from your doctor is a safer and more straightforward way of getting treatment within the comfort of your own home. By having the doctor perform house calls, you are eliminating the risk of getting a virus or infection from exposure to other people.

What are the different types of antibiotics?

A house call doctor will be able to prescribe all kinds of antibiotics similar to what a traditional doctor can prescribe. Since both kinds of doctors hold the same medical licenses, there is no difference in what they can or cannot prescribe to their patients. A house call doctor is a more convenient option because he will go to you, and you can get treatment in the comforts of your own home.

Most antibiotics fall into different individual antibiotic types. The drugs that fall into the same grouping will have similar pharmacologic and chemical properties with similar chemical structures. By having the same chemical makeup, the drugs that are under the same category may kill the same bacteria. Antibiotics are usually given through a medical prescription and cannot be purchased over the counter.

Here are the most common types of antibiotics:

How do you know if you need antibiotics?

Antibiotics are usually prescribed for people suffering from bacterial infections. The different signs of your body battling an infection include inflammation, swollen lymph nodes, fever, muscle aches, and nausea. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for people suffering from sinus infections, UTIs, bacterial strep throat, or pneumonia.

For pneumonia, your doctor might prescribe different antibiotics as the bacteria can sometimes become resistant to the antibiotics you are taking, which means you will have a long time recovering and getting better.

A lab test is needed to determine if an ill person needs antibiotics. This type of test is carried out by a medical professional, and the doctor can determine if your infection is viral or bacterial. A lab test is a foolproof way to determine if somebody needs to take antibiotics.

It is important to note that antibiotics should not treat illnesses caused by viruses such as cold and flu. If you are suffering from a viral illness, managing the symptoms is important, and your doctor might prescribe an antiviral medication.


Using telemedicine to talk to a doctor virtually or to have a doctor come to your home for a house call is super convenient, especially if you are not feeling well. By doing this, you are protecting yourself and other people around you so that they don’t get sick.

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