Can You Get an At-Home HIV Test? 

HIV at-home self-testing has become a common method of choice when in need of finding out your current health status. With these tests, you can receive your test results within 20 minutes. It’s important to get tested if you are sexually active, whether at home or in the clinic; however, at-home testing has shown to be more efficient.

What is an at-home HIV test?

An at-home HIV test is an antibody test that can be conducted in the comfort of your home. These tests can be found at any of your local pharmacies and online. Some people may have organizations around them that offer free or cost-effective at-home tests. You also have the option of receiving a mail-in HIV test if it is necessary.

How to use an at-home self-administered HIV test

After ordering and receiving your HIV self-test, it is important that you carefully read through all of the instructions included with the kit before continuing with the test.

Conducting the test yourself is simple as it only requires a swab sample from your gums. Before testing the sample and waiting for your results, this is the only step you must take. However, follow the directions as they are written, or the test might not give you accurate results. If you receive invalid results, your test did not work, and it might be smart to contact the number provided on the test kit.

As convenient as at-home self-tests are, many prefer the peace of mind and more extensive results of blood panel-based HIV testing.

At-home HIV testing kits compared to in-clinic testing

Testing for HIV in a clinic tends to be hard for the patient, considering the possible stigma around this type of testing. However, even if you find visiting a clinic uncomfortable, it is still important to test if you feel that you might be HIV-positive for the safety of yourself and others.

The good news is that many clients can get the best of both worlds with personalized in-home blood tests.

Benefits of in-home blood panels

In-home HIV testing provides privacy and comfort that clinical testing doesn’t while still benefiting from the accuracy of an HIV blood panel.

With this approach, a medical professional can draw your samples in your home at a convenient time.

In-home testing can even be less expensive, depending on your insurance status. Along with this at-home HIV testing, you could save money while making necessary moves for your health all in one.

If you or someone you know has questions regarding personalized in-home testing by a medical professional, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. They will happily assist you in exploring your options. 

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