What are Normal FSH Levels in Females?

Follicle-stimulating hormone, also known as FSH, plays an important role in your reproductive system. This article will help you understand the importance of FSH and know about normal and abnormal FSH levels. 

Understanding what an FSH test is 

Simply put, FSH is in control of growing ovarian follicles. Follicles create female hormones called progesterone and estrogen in the ovaries and assist in regulating menstrual cycles. This test is a blood test that calculates the amount of FSH that is in your blood. 

When should I do this test?

You need to know that the timing to get the FSH test matters. It’s best to do this test on the third day of your menstrual period, as the results will be more accurate. 

What are the reasons for women to get tested?

You may want to get an FSH test to check for infertility issues and abnormal menstrual cycles. This test will also help diagnose diseases relating to your ovaries or disorders relating to your pituitary gland. 

Why is it important for me to know about FSH levels?

Knowing your FSH levels is important because it will help you understand whether your ovarian reserves are in good standing. In other words, the quantity and quality of your eggs could be good or bad, depending on your FSH levels. In addition, FSH levels can be used to assess whether injectable fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization treatment would be successful. 

What are normal FSH levels in women?

For three-day FSH levels, women who have lower than 15mIU/ml have an increased chance of getting pregnant. Therefore, this would mean that your FSH levels are in good standing. 

What does it mean if I have high FSH levels?

High FSH levels may indicate that you’re going through menopause or ovarian failure. Another issue that may occur from high levels of FSH is polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a condition that means that there is a hormone imbalance that causes ovarian cysts. Lastly, high levels of FSH may mean that there is a chromosomal abnormality.

Additional information about high FSH levels

Another factor to consider about high FSH levels is your age. As you get older, you start to lose fertility and have fewer eggs as their quality becomes poorer than younger ones. 

What does it mean if I have low FSH levels?

Low FSH levels could indicate two possible issues. The first issue could show something wrong with your pituitary gland. The other potential issue could indicate that your hypothalamus also isn’t working properly. 

The downside of getting FSH at-home test kits

Unfortunately, at-home test kits aren’t reliable. Though they claim to give you results, the fact of the matter is that they can’t tell you whether you’re going through menopause or if your ovarian reserves are low. These tests will not be able to tell you if you have the following. 

  • Infertility without explanation
  • PCOS
  • Fallopian tubes that are blocked
  • Endometriosis 
  • Any other causes of infertility 

About an in-home medical service

It would be best to have a medical professional come to your home for this test if you’re looking for more accurate results regarding your FSH levels. The other benefit of receiving this test at home is avoiding unwanted clinic waiting times. 

Being aware of your reproductive health is important. No matter your age, it would be better to know whether or not you may have abnormal FSH levels. 

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