Can a Concierge Doctor Offer STD Testing At Your Home in Seattle?

If you want to get STD tests done, a concierge doctor is able to test you from the comfort of your own home. If you are in Seattle, we have testing available for you. Let’s take a look at what this test is and how you can benefit from it.

What is STD testing?

STDs are Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These diseases affect a lot of people, even when they are unaware. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases can help check for HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, and HPV, among others. Let’s take a look at what the benefits of getting tested are.

Benefits of STD testing

Getting tested is very important not only for your own sexual health but also for your partner. Being able to identify a disease before continuing to spread it will help prevent potential partners from having to deal with it. Detection of diseases early on is important, as unidentified diseases left untreated are able to cause other issues as time goes on. If an STD is left untreated, it may lead to cancers and even future infertility.

In-home versus clinic STD testing in Seattle

In-home testing for STDs is currently available in the Seattle area. Getting tested at home versus a clinic is the most discreet, convenient, and comfortable option available to you. Our team will test you and help you with any that come up. Contact Concierge MD to get your STD testing scheduled soon.

Get your at Home STD Test in Seattle with Concierge MD

You should check out Concierge MD if you require an STD test to determine if you are carrying sexually transmitted disease but prefer to avoid going to the doctor's office because you want to keep it discreet. Getting an STD test done at your home is very easy and it can be arranged online or via phone call.

It's quite simple to make an appointment, and once you do, one of our medical experts will come to your house to collect the samples required for the lab test. The test is taken to the lab by our team and once the results have been received, a professional from our company will contact you to assist you in understanding the findings.

Avoid the trip to the hospital by scheduling an STD test at home with Concierge MD right away!

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