Functional and Concierge Medicine

Better Together: Functional Medicine and Concierge Medicine

Functional and Concierge MedicineHow do concierge medicine and functional medicine together benefit the patient?

Concierge medicine and functional medicine go hand-in-hand. Functional medicine focuses on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, at the same time taking a holistic view of health. Concierge medicine is personalized both in content and delivery.

How do you stay plugged in to the latest medical advances and technologies in both functional medicine and concierge medicine?

Medicine is evolving all the time and I love that. I read, I listen to podcasts; it’s not only my job, but it’s in my DNA to stay-up-to-date on medical studies, techniques and technology. As a family doctor I need to know about it all, and focus in on how it applies to my current patients and that new patient who’s about to give me a call — and who hasn’t been properly diagnosed, let alone treated.

How do you apply knowledge or technologies from different aspects of medicine?

It can be a matter of asking the right questions, having a depth of understanding, going beyond the basic panel of lab tests, and being knowledgeable about the possible causes of health symptoms or test results that allows me to diagnose a problem that has been  missed before. Lab results have to be read in the context of what else is going on with that person’s health.

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