a doctor performing a blood pressure test that is part of a pre employment physical examination

The Importance of Pre Employment Physical Examination

Whether you are hiring a new employee or evaluating your current staff, an employment physical examination can be invaluable. Many lines of work require these examinations as a routine measure to ensure that employees are safe and healthy. Even if they are not required by law, a pre employment physical form and examination can help you avoid potential problems and liabilities with hiring prospects.

If you are wondering how to prepare for an employment physical examination for your team, you’ve come to the right place. This article will look at different lines of work that require employment physicals and what you should do to prepare for them. 

a doctor performing a blood pressure test that is part of a pre employment physical examination

What is a Pre Employment Physical Exam?

Various employers and industries may require pre employment physical examinations. While any company can opt to require these examinations, you may be required by law to receive one, depending on your desired profession. Truck drivers, bus drivers, crane operators, the military, firefighters, healthcare workers, police officers, and many others require the administration and passing of a pre employment physical.

A pre employment physical and drug test is designed to gauge your overall health. It will also determine whether or not you have a drug or alcohol problem that could put you or others at risk during your line of work.

What will a Pre Employment Physical Exam Consist of? 

A doctor evaluating corporate pre employment physical examination resultsWhile the exact details of the test might vary, pre employment physical exams typically consist of three things.

Paperwork and Health History 

The first portion of the exam will consist of your health provider getting a detailed medical history from you. They will interview you and request paperwork and pertinent medical documents from you and your employer, including a list of conditions, medications, and ongoing treatments.

A Physical Examination 

The second part of the exam will be the physical portion. pre employment physicals are fairly basic and non-invasive and are used to test the following things.

  • Your hearing.
  • Your vision.
  • Whether or not you have high blood pressure.
  • Any other physical parameters that the tester deems necessary.

Drug Testing 

The final portion of your pre employment physical will involve a drug test. In most cases, your doctor will take your urine sample and send it to a lab for testing. Your urine sample will reveal any drugs, alcohol, or anomalies in your system. Your drug test might also involve a blood sample.

Heavy Metal Testing

In some industries where there is a use of heavy metals such as platinum, lead or nickel, there may be a requirement to do a specific kind of blood testing that can determinate allergies to a specific kind of heavy metal or heavy metal poisoning. This blood testing is called heavy metals test.

What is the Purpose of a Pre Employment Physical Exam?

Black and yellow stripes diagonally placedThe main purpose of a pre employment physical examination is to determine whether or not you are capable of safely doing the job for which you are applying. Before hiring you, employers need to know whether you pose a safety hazard to yourself, your fellow employees, or the world around you.

If they hire someone physically or mentally unfit for work, they could be held liable for damage or injuries caused by the person in question. This is especially true for those working in the public sector or with heavy machinery.

How to Pass a Pre Employment Physical Exam

While pre employment physical examinations sound intimidating, you shouldn’t have trouble passing your exam if you do not have any serious pre-existing health conditions or a drug problem. Additionally, not all health conditions are necessarily automatic disqualifications. In most cases, it will depend on the condition and the work you are undertaking.

In preparing for your exam, you should also ensure that your medications and treatments are up to date. You should also see your doctor before the exam so they can notify you of any diet or lifestyle changes you should make to improve your health before testing.

What can Cause You to Fail a Pre Employment Physical?

The most surefire thing that will immediately cause you to fail your pre employment physical is if illegal drugs appear in your urinalysis or blood work. While most health conditions will not disqualify you, here are a few that could cause you to fail your employment physical.

  • An irreparable vision or hearing deficit.
  • Struggling with narcolepsy or epilepsy.
  • Diabetes, heart conditions, and lung conditions that you cannot manage.

What are the Benefits of Employee Physical Examinations? 

A male doctor talking with a CEO of a corporationPre and post-employment physical exams are intended to help employers and employees alike.1 The goal is to provide a safe work environment that everyone can enjoy.

Employers may also employ physical examinations to:

  • Improve the safety of the workplace.
  • Protect employees from damages and liability associated with hiring an unfit worker.
  • Provide safety for employees and the people with whom they will come in contact.
  • Ensure employees are capable of getting the job done.
  • Comply with state laws and federal regulations.


As you can see, employee physical exams are a vital safety measure and a great way to promote a healthy work environment. While there are multiple ways to conduct your pre and post-employment physical examinations, the best way is by enlisting the services of a concierge doctor.

Physical examinations performed by a concierge doctor are quick, easy, and hassle-free for employers and employees. A concierge doctor will visit your business and conduct the necessary tests and examinations on-site. We will then send any necessary blood work and urinalysis to a lab for testing and report the results as quickly as possible.

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[1] Hakro S. Workplace Employees’ Annual Physical Checkup and During Hire on the Job to Increase Health-care Awareness Perception to Prevent Disease Risk: A Work for Policy-Implementable Option Globally. National Library of Medicine. Published September 5, 2018.

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