How to Get a Concierge COVID Test in California

Although the concept of getting your blood drawn by the concierge of your choice sounds appealing, it’s important to realize that there are very few places offering concierge covid tests in California. Furthermore, not all of them provide COVID testing (the most comprehensive test), nor do they offer to ship your blood off to another state (which can be especially important if you live in Northern California or Southern California). To learn more about getting a concierge COVID test in California, continue reading below…

What is a Concierge Covid Test?

A concierge covid test brings covid testing to you. Whether a rapid antigen or standard PCR test, concierge providers will perform these tests at your location. This is popular among schools and offices but is also available for those not wanting to leave their house. Requesting a concierge covid test allows you to skip waiting rooms, long lines, and other inconveniences of typical laboratory clinics.

Why is This Important?

Several emerging diseases threaten global health security. In response, governments worldwide have been taking measures to prevent infectious disease outbreaks and protect their populations from pandemics. One way of doing so is with testing that enables rapid detection of outbreaks and timely containment measures when necessary. These kits allow specimens to be collected by professionals to determine if you’re positive and need to quarantine quickly. The tests can also inform public health policy and help provide much-needed information on treating potential patients best. While these tests may seem important for those working directly with infected patients, they may also benefit those who wish to reduce their risk of infection outside hospitals and those traveling internationally.

Where Can I Get One?

If you’re living or visiting California, your first option is Concierge MD. Our licensed doctors are available throughout the day. Concierge MD gives you direct access to your provider. If an urgent matter arises during off-hours, we can quickly provide treatment if needed. Overall, our services are one of the best around. Give us a call when you’re concerned about potentially having COVID.

A House Call Doctor Is Ideal For Treating Covid-19

Whether you have short or long Covid, Concierge MD LA can come to your home and provide quality in-home care and treatments to help you feel better. We also offer in-home Covid tests to help ease your anxiety about having Covid if you’ve recently been exposed to a positive case. Results are available in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the type of test you choose.

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