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Can you get a house call pediatrician in Seattle?

Families seeking medical treatment when they cannot get to their regular doctor’s office are increasingly turning to pediatric urgent care with a concierge doctor. Although urgent care clinics are intended to serve both adults and children, many physicians disagree that they are able to handle children’s medical requirements because they are frequently quite specialized. To ensure that your kid receives the care they require, an urgent care visit may occasionally be required.

Can concierge doctors provide urgent care?

Sometimes you need medical care right away and can’t afford to hang about in a hospital waiting room for hours. Imagine if your youngster is hurting or uncomfortable when your normal pediatrician’s office is closed (and especially if he has to wait in line at an urgent care center). In that situation, it would be beneficial to phone your concierge doctor and let them know that your child need care.

When you want immediate medical care (but it’s not an emergency) AND you want to receive treatment in your Seattle home, pediatric urgent care with a concierge doctor is also available. Instead of you having to travel to the doctor, your doctor will come to you.

For parents with ill children, concierge medicine may be a priceless resource. Instead of having to transport your child to an urgent care facility or emergency room, your concierge doctor may come to you. With little red tape involved, in-home healthcare offers speedy and efficient service. Concierge doctors are able to provide their patients with more thorough treatment since they work mostly one-on-one with them (instead of via insurance firms).

In-Home Pediatric Urgent Care With Concierge MD

Concierge MD can bring pediatric urgent care to your home. We take great pride in our experience and personalized touch that gives parents peace of mind their little one is getting the best care possible. Most importantly, we treat your family as our own, making sure every member of your family receives top-notch treatment and relief for their illness or injury. Next time your child is sick, give us a call to book an appointment!

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