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How to get a concierge house call doctor in Seattle?

When you’re sick, you’re probably used to phoning your doctor and scheduling an appointment to get your symptoms checked out. You no longer have to do that since you can phone and have a concierge doctor come to you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

If you thought doctors visiting patients in their homes was a thing of the past, you may want to reconsider since house visits are making a comeback. If you’re in Seattle and need a doctor to come to your house now it’s easier than ever. Just click on the book now part and fill in the fields with your information.

Advantages Of Scheduling A House Call Doctor

There are several advantages to hiring a concierge house call doctor in Seattle, including:

More Personalized Care

To begin with, being able to have home visits from your doctor greatly enhances the patient-care experience, making it much more tailored to your specific requirements. Home visits are also less rushed and handled with greater accuracy and tranquility. This allows doctors to spend more time with you, analyze your symptoms, do a thorough examination, and, if necessary, prescribe therapy.

Keeps Elderly Patients Out of Hospitals and Urgent Care

Doctors may give high-quality in-home medical care to their senior patients, as well as those with chronic diseases and impairments, using house visits. This is critical because it allows older and more vulnerable individuals to avoid going to hospitals or urgent care centers while still being examined and treated in a timely, professional, and efficient manner.

Saves Patients Time and Money

Another significant advantage of house calls is that they save both time and money. Patients avoid extra money and worry by not having to go to the doctor’s office, as well as maybe having to take time off work or arrange childcare. Of course, one of the criteria that determines effective treatment is minimizing anxious sensations related to money, employment, or children.

Prevents Patients From Being Exposed to Germs

Preventing pathogen exposure is critical at a time when we all want — and need — to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the deadly coronavirus. Medical house calls make it possible to do exactly that. Patients can avoid spending time in crowded waiting rooms and being exposed to viruses and germs by having doctors visit them at home.

Concierge House Call Doctor In Seattle

Medical house calls should be considered if you are serious about having the finest, safest, and most tailored sort of care possible.

The benefits are immeasurable, from the peace of mind that you will be in the comfort and safety of your own home to the knowledge that you will save money and time.

Because you are their only patient, the physicians will be able to spend the time they need to analyze your issue and prescribe the appropriate medication on the spot.

Who to Call for the Best In-Home Health Care

Having a primary care home call doctor in Seattle has never been simpler thanks to Concierge MD. We can do any procedure that you could have done at a typical doctor’s office in the comfort of your own home. Make an appointment with us now for the first of many house calls to preserve your health. If necessary, we also provide same-day consultations and urgent treatment!

Choose Concierge MD As Your House Call Doctor

If you need a house call doctor, reach out to Concierge MD. We are a licensed, mobile healthcare practice of a wide range of services, including:

  • Direct Primary Care: Get annual physicals, preventative screenings, blood tests, and more.
  • Covid-19: We offer testing, monoclonal antibody treatment, and can prescribe Remdesivir to those who test positive for Covid-19.
  • IV Therapy: Our 12 formulas fuel your body with fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to help you feel your best.

Concierge MD administers all services in the comfort and privacy of your home, with telehealth support between appointments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Experience Care with ConciergeMD

ConciergeMD offers coverage throughout the United States.