How to Get a Hangover IV Treatment in San Diego

After an evening out drinking, the struggle for many is the inevitable hangover to greet them the following morning. The good news is that there are ways to accelerate recovery from an evening out of drinking. Many people in San Diego incorporate hangover IV treatments into their post-celebration ritual.

What causes hangovers

Drinking alcohol can deplete your body with nutrients related to essential bodily processes. It’s also dehydrating, causes electrolyte imbalances, and irritates the lining of your stomach. This results in fatigue, nausea, light sensitivity, increased blood pressure, sweating and headaches.

Benefits of a hangover IV treatment

Injected directly into the bloodstream, hangover IVs deliver a high concentration of fluids, electrolytes, and essential vitamins and nutrients depleted when drinking. It also has the added benefit of skipping the digestive system, giving your stomach a break from being further aggravated. IV fluids do a much better job at rapid rehydration than drinking bottles of water can.

Hangover IV treatments may provide benefits like:

  • Reduced nausea, headache, and fatigue
  • Less irritability and anxiety
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Less dizziness

How to get IV treatment in San Diego

The last thing you want to do when you have a hangover is travel to a medical office for in-clinic treatment. For this reason, so many in San Diego choose to go with a personalized in-home hangover IV treatment instead. Once scheduled, you could receive treatment in your home within a few hours.

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IV treatments for hangovers are an effective and easy way to feel better within an hour of your appointment. With as little as 24 hours notice, you can schedule a nurse to visit your home, workspace, or hotel room to administer an IV therapy hangover treatment. Our nurse will administer the IV and monitor your treatment to ensure you remain comfortable.

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