5 Reasons At-Home Detox Is The Safest Option During Covid-19

In-home detox offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional inpatient clinics, especially during Covid-19. It minimizes exposure risks, protects vulnerable family members, and ensures high-quality personalized care. Patients can continue their detox treatment even in quarantine, benefiting from the convenience and reduced health risks associated with avoiding travel.

Covid-19 has created challenges in getting safe and effective treatment for people who want to overcome their addiction. Fortunately, in-home detox can help. Here are 5 reasons at-home detox during Covid-19 is the safest way to start your addiction recovery journey.

1. You don’t have to stay at a traditional inpatient clinic

Traditional inpatient clinics often require you to travel out of town and stay onsite for several weeks or months at a time, depending on the length of your program. You’ll also be in regular contact with other patients during group therapy.

In-home detox means you can minimize your potential exposure to Covid-19 since you don’t have to leave your house during your treatment. A nurse comes to your home equipped with medical-grade personal protective equipment for your safety. They will monitor your health, prescribe medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms, and coach you through detox to help you successfully complete the program.

2. You don’t put the rest of your family at risk

Covid-19 affects everyone slightly differently, with some people having few symptoms and others requiring hospitalization.

At-home detox during Covid-19 protects your own health, of course, but also reduces the chance of spreading the virus to those around you. This is especially important if you are living with someone in a vulnerable group, such as the elderly, pregnant women, and people with certain medical conditions.

3. You can get the same quality of care as traditional inpatient centers – but at home

As discussed, you don’t have to risk your health to get detox with in-home care. You also don’t have to sacrifice the quality of care with at-home detox. If anything, you actually get a better quality of care with in-home detox because your clinician provides you dedicated, personalized attention during treatment.

4. You can stay isolated while getting the treatment you need

If you’re concerned that, despite your best efforts, you’ve been exposed to Covid-19 during detox, you don’t have to put your treatment program on hold. At-home detox means that you can continue getting the treatment you need while you’re in quarantine or recovering from Covid-19.

5. At-home detox during Covid-19 is convenient

In-home detox is a timesaver even during normal times, but the convenience of not having to travel to an inpatient or outpatient clinic has an obvious advantage during Covid-19: there’s no need to risk potential exposure to the virus during transit.

Do you really need detox?

Detox is the first and most important step of any addiction recovery journey. This step detoxifies your body and gradually weans your body off its dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. Detox lays a strong foundation that helps prepare patients for therapy, coaching, and other aftercare programs that aim to prevent relapse.

Some types of drugs have potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, so it’s important to get medically managed detox for the safety of you and those around you.


Safe, Effective At-Home Detox During Covid-19 With Elite Home Detox

Whether you’ve struggled with addiction for several months or several years, detox can help you start the journey to a full recovery. As we’ve discussed, at-home detox during Covid-19 has many advantages over traditional rehab centers. Our friends at Elite Home Detox can help you overcome your addiction with in-home detox and fully customized addiction recovery programs that can help you reach a recovery that lasts.

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