5 Reasons To Get Concierge Medicine For A Female Medical Exam

The pandemic has disproportionately affected women in multiple scopes of their lives. As women look for healthcare solutions in the New Normal, here are 5 reasons why they should choose concierge medical services for a female medical exam.

1. Care that’s personal

Concierge medical practices tend to serve a smaller number of patients, allowing them to spend more time creating effective care plans for patients. House calls are supported with telemedicine, allowing patients and providers to keep in touch more frequently. Care plans evolve as your needs do.

Even if you just need a physical exam, concierge doctors can take more time to acknowledge you and your concerns throughout the process.

2. Available when and where you need it

Between same-day appointments, on-demand house calls, and telemedicine visits, concierge healthcare providers can address your health concerns without long waits.

For a physical exam – whether annual, or to fulfill requirements for school, sports, or work – a registered nurse can come to your home or workspace.

3. An at-home female medical exam is more comfortable

Having medical services come to you in a familiar place is not just convenient – it’s a relief. You can go about your daily activities without the anxiety of making an appointment on time or sitting in a waiting room. This is especially valuable for women with mental health conditions, as well as those in treatment for addiction.

4. Experts at meeting your needs

Whether you have a disability requiring special consideration or need discrete health care access, concierge providers can work with you regarding your concerns. Concierge medical services charge for services upfront in the form of monthly membership payments or per-service.

By cutting out the administrative hassles of dealing with insurance companies, they are able to focus on ensuring patients’ needs get met in the comfort of their homes.

5. Care for the whole household

Women are frequently the healthcare coordinators of their families and households. Concierge providers can allow you to book appointments for multiple family members at once on the same day – meaning mom can get her physical exam, all the kids can get their sports physical exams, and the whole family can get Covid-19 tests done on the same day without ever leaving the house!



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