How To Get A Concierge Doctor In Inland Empire

The idea of a doctor coming to a patient’s home to give them medical attention isn’t a new concept. In fact, up until the late 1960s, it was nearly as popular as a patient going to the hospital for treatment. As time goes on, that form of medicine is becoming more and more prevalent, and you can now get a concierge doctor in Inland Empire.

Is a concierge care better than going to the doctor’s office?

A concierge doctor provides medical care in the home of the patients that they serve rather than requiring the patient to come to them. The convenience and practicality that they provide are second to none and a huge reason for their utilization, especially during the pandemic. Having a concierge doctor come to your home dramatically reduces the risk of exposure to Covid-19, seasonal flu, and other contagions.

There are several benefits to house call doctors versus a visit to the doctor’s office.

  • Ease of access and availability
  • An added sense of the patient’s home life and support system
  • Reduces the risk of infection in a waiting room
  • Telemedicine care after the appointment for questions about conditions, medications, and more
  • Medication management

You also don’t have to sacrifice thorough care just to receive home health care. A concierge doctor can do X-rays, blood work, ultrasounds, lab testing, and more.

What to expect during your appointment

An appointment with a concierge doctor in your home will be very similar to a visit to the doctor’s office. They will ask about your medical history and take your vitals just as they do at a clinic.

From there, the appointment is tailored to your needs. You may have a lab draw, a consultation about what’s ailing you, a discussion about medications or medical conditions, and more. Unlike traditional clinics, your appointment can last as long as needed to comprehensively address your questions. This means your doctor has the time to get to know you and prescribe the best treatment plan.


Where To Get A Concierge Doctor In Inland Empire

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