Can You Perform an At-Home Blood Type Test?

In recent years, at-home self-testing kits have become an increasingly popular choice for many visiting the doctor’s office. Despite its rise in popularity, some may be wondering about its safety and accuracy.

What are at-home blood type tests?

An at-home blood test is a medical test that can be performed in the comfort of your home. They are commonly found in local pharmacies and assist in monitoring diseases and conditions without the hassle of going to the doctor’s office in person.

Often, these at-home blood type tests do not require a prescription; however, checking in with your healthcare provider beforehand is always smart. These tests typically test for anything from diabetes to any other circulatory diseases that may be present. They also indicate how other organs, such as the liver or kidneys, function.

How do at-home blood tests work?

For some people, giving yourself a blood test may be quite daunting. However, conducting your blood test is easier than it seems as long as you carefully follow the provided directions. If you’ve seen someone with diabetes measure their sugar, the at-home blood test is similar to that.

Once you are prepared to collect the blood sample, you’ll need to prick your finger. You only need a few drops of blood to get results. Some things to keep in mind when doing this are staying well hydrated and remaining calm when getting the sample, as it will make the sampling much smoother.

After finishing the blood test, you will follow the directions for sending out the test and receiving your results.

The downsides of in-clinic blood tests and at-home test kits

Typically individuals will visit their doctor when in need of a blood test. However, many factors can affect this simplicity, such as commute, insurance status, and overall comfort with sitting in the doctor’s office.

At-home self-testing can be more efficient and tends to be less expensive, but results may take a long time to arrive. While an at-home blood test allows you to skip the wait, results may vary depending on how well you collected the sample. On top of that, pricking your finger can be a dizzying prospect.

Personalized in-home blood testing

The good news is that many discover they can have the best of both worlds via personalized, in-home blood testing administered by a medical professional.

This at-home option provides the privacy and convenience of a test kit while providing the increased accuracy of a blood panel at the hands of a medical professional. This increases comfort as well as maximizes accurate results the first time.

Additionally, you’ll usually get results quicker, and a team member can go over them with you for maximum clarity.

If you have any questions regarding whether an in-home blood panel is right for you, feel free to contact one of our team, and they will happily assist you with anything you need.

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