Can You Get TRT Therapy At Home?

Choosing the right TRT therapy provider can feel overwhelming with so many factors to consider. What options are available? Can you get TRT therapy at home? Keep reading to learn more about TRT therapy options and choose the right one for you.

Understanding TRT therapy treatment options

There are a number of ways in which you can obtain TRT therapy, though the process is very similar. First, your testosterone levels must be tested to determine your testosterone levels. This is done through either a blood test, or a saliva sample.

Once your hormone levels are confirmed and an appropriate treatment plan has been identified, there are a few different ways you can obtain treatment. Below, we discuss your TRT therapy options along with some important considerations for each.

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TRT therapy clinics

TRT clinics function much like a traditional doctor’s office. You visit the office in person for your consultation and testing, as well as to receive treatment.

While this option is good for those who prefer to meet face-to-face with doctors, those with busy schedules may prefer a more convenient option to receive TRT therapy. Some people may also prefer a more discreet option, or an option that minimizes risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other highly contagious illnesses.

DIY kits

TRT DIY kits involve self-administering a saliva swab using an at-home test kit. Once collected, you mail the sample to a lab for processing. Once a treatment plan is identified, you can consult a healthcare provider using telehealth communications who will mail you a TRT treatment kit that allows you to self-inject treatments at home.

It’s important to note that the accuracy of saliva testing for testosterone levels is somewhat controversial. Blood tests are recommended by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists to determine hormone levels, as saliva test results have shown a lack of consistency. Other research, however, concludes that saliva tests are as reliable as blood tests in certain cases.

It should also be noted that DIY hormone test kits have not been tested extensively for their accuracy. The way samples are collected and stored can affect test results.

Concierge TRT therapy

Concierge TRT therapy offers the best of both worlds. Concierge TRT therapy providers will send a licensed medical professional to your home to perform a blood draw and conduct an initial consultation. Once your hormone levels are assessed and a treatment plan is determined, a kit will be mailed to you to self-administer injections. Most concierge providers offer telehealth services, which allow you to stay in touch with a healthcare expert throughout the course of treatments.

This option may appeal most to those with busy schedules who want guidance throughout the process. Telehealth services allow you to access advice from the place you feel safest and most secure.

For those with unvaccinated or at high risk of severe symptoms from Covid-19 in their household, concierge care can allow you to address your health and feel your best without unnecessary exposure to Covid-19.

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