How To Get At Home TRT Therapy In San Diego

If you’ve been dealing with fatigue, muscle loss and weight gain, poor sleep, or the variety of ailments brought on by low testosterone, you may be wondering what the first step is in getting treatment. Fortunately, as research has supported the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), treatment options have grown to suit the needs of a wide variety of patients. Here, we discuss how to get treatment, including at home TRT therapy in San Diego.

TRT health centers

As the popularity of testosterone replacement therapy has grown in America due to strong scientific support and an aging population, TRT and hormone clinics have opened across the country.

While this access benefits thousands of men every day, their popularity has led to increased waiting times, shorter appointments and even forced some patients to travel hours to find a clinic with space for new patients.

In-home treatment

As Covid-19 began spreading within our communities, some patients may not be keen to visit in-person clinics. With older populations facing the highest risk of complications from Covid, sitting in packed waiting rooms for medical appointments has become a more risky endeavor. As a result, some TRT patients were forced to halt their hormone treatment, to slow or even reverse their progress.

Fortunately, A new and increasingly popular option for TRT patients is in-home treatment. At home TRT therapy in San Diego circumvents the risk of exposure to Covid altogether, and they’re also more convenient for patients’ schedules.

In-home appointments have several advantages over clinics, including:

  • Personalized care
  • Home lab draws
  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Hormone testing
  • No need to commute to a clinic on a regular basis
  • TRT kits are mailed directly to you so that you don’t have to visit your pharmacy or a clinic

In-Home TRT Treatments In San Diego With Concierge MD

After recognizing the need for convenient and flexible treatment options, Concierge MD decided to revive the tradition of taking the treatment (and doctor!) directly to the patient, wherever they may be.

If you or a loved one are interested in at home TRT therapy in San Diego, book an appointment with our easy-to-use reservation system. We’re ready to help you feel your best!

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