5 Reasons A Doctor Would Prescribe TRT Therapy

There are a variety of reasons a medical professional would recommend TRT for an aging male patient. Here, we’ll take a look at the five most common reasons a doctor would prescribe TRT therapy. Many of these reasons overlap with other conditions, so if one of these issues sounds familiar, it’s important to visit your doctor to be certain about what’s ailing you.

Reasons a doctor would prescribe TRT therapy

1. You’re experiencing low energy levels

Consistent fatigue and lethargy are the most common symptoms of low testosterone. While the relationship between testosterone and energy levels in older men is not entirely understood, many researchers believe proper testosterone levels stimulate mitochondrial cells to produce greater energy in the body. Over 52% of TRT patients report improved energy in one to three months.

2. Your sex drive has taken a dive

The relationship between libido and testosterone is well understood in the medical community. Receptors in the brain called androgens regulate the body’s response to hormones and are pivotal to developing secondary sexual characteristics during puberty. Without adequate levels of testosterone to stimulate these receptors, sexual desire can become less frequent and lose intensity.

3. You struggle to lose fat and build muscle

As men age, their ability to build lean muscle mass and easily shed fat diminishes greatly. This is because the body relies on testosterone to stimulate muscle growth and maintain healthy body composition. Research has shown men lose body weight with long-term testosterone treatment.

4. You want a healthier heart

A study of over 83,000 men with low testosterone found a significantly reduced risk of serious cardiac events after raising their testosterone to normal levels. Participants were discovered to have been 24% less likely to have a heart attack and 36% less likely to suffer a stroke after successful testosterone replacement therapy.

5. You want to improve your memory

There is strong evidence to suggest a correlation between healthy testosterone levels and verbal memory, spatial ability, and improved mental processing speed. Additionally, studies have shown men with higher ratios of total testosterone enjoy a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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