How To Get Safe IV Infusion Therapy At Home

In recent years, the use of IV bars and home IV therapy for general wellness purposes has slowly grown more common. What are your options, and which is best? Concierge MD explores IV therapy options in 2021.

What is IV infusion therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers fluids, along with medicine and/or vitamins, directly into the bloodstream via a needle inserted into a vein. This practice allows medicine or nutrients to take effect more quickly, and less is lost in the digestive process.

Though traditionally better known as critical care treatment, recent years have seen IV therapy become more common practice to restore general wellness. IV therapy can treat a number of issues, such as dehydration resulting from a hangover or extreme exercise, or boosting the immune system to combat the flu or Covid-19.

IV therapy has also proven a valuable tool for people in recovery for substance abuse, helping detox patients’ bodies and replenish essential vitamins lost through regular drug use.

Where can I get IV therapy?

Your primary care doctor may not have the appropriate facilities to conduct casual infusion therapy, so where else can you go?

IV Bars

Prior to the pandemic, IV bars were surging in popularity. These spaces provide IV therapy along with many of the comforts found in a bar or spa, depending on the theme. Because most IV infusion therapy treatments only take 45-60 minutes, many people found it to be a convenient option.

If you are considering visiting an IV therapy bar or spa, it is important to be aware of the rules regarding IV therapy. Make sure the spa has the proper credentials to offer IV therapy services and has responsible hygiene practices that adhere to responsible Covid-19 operations.

At home IV

The pandemic revealed the importance of being able to access IV therapy at home, and services like Concierge MD stepped forward to meet the need. Mobile IV therapy services will bring the equipment necessary for an IV infusion therapy session to your home or office. A nurse will administer the IV, and remain on site to ensure there are no complications.

They also make the services more accessible to those with disabilities or specific health conditions, as well as households with multiple members in need of IV infusion therapy sessions. Parents or caretakers unable to leave their charges unattended who are interested in IV therapy may benefit as well.

In addition to the convenience of home IV therapy, these services greatly reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and other contagious illnesses, keeping both you and those in your social bubbles safe.


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