Safely Approaching Dyslexia In Children During Covid-19

Covid-19 has taken its toll on families across the US as guardians struggle to fill the role of educator for students who are now remote learning. For caretakers of children showing signs of dyslexia, the task of having your child evaluated during the pandemic may feel impossible. Today, we look at the difficulties of obtaining the evaluations and specialized education that children need during the pandemic, as well as the benefits of in-home dyslexia evaluation services.

The impact of Covid-19 on learning disability treatment

At a time when all students are struggling, it is not surprising that the pandemic has been especially hard on students who need adapted education. From a lack of specialized equipment and resources to symptoms being exacerbated by stress and depression, students with learning disabilities are struggling more than most.

The good news is that teachers and organizations have been working tirelessly to develop tools and techniques that are accessible for students with learning disabilities during the pandemic. Between these tools and the disbursement of the first round of vaccines, hope is on the horizon for students diagnosed with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

But what about students who have yet to be diagnosed?

The advantages of at-home dyslexia evaluations for children

Obtaining a diagnosis was a frustrating experience even before Covid-19 swept the globe. Although the classroom is one of the primary places in which learning disabilities like dyslexia in children are brought to light, schools often lack resources to do a full evaluation or give a diagnosis.

Guardians are then tasked to navigate the process of finding doctors, getting their child to appointments, and making treatment plans – often without any prior experience or knowledge. Because evaluations for learning disabilities are not often covered by insurance, playing ‘physician roulette’ only adds further obstacles and expenses to the process.

Professional guidance

One of the most beneficial aspects of an in-home dyslexia evaluation for caretakers is having an expert that provides dedicated guidance throughout the evaluation process. The comprehensive screening provided by Dr. Ben Malkin of Neuro Psych Doctor is designed to determine your child’s specific challenges in learning, such as whether the issue is in visual or auditory processing, memory, or other areas so that you can be confident in any diagnosis you receive.

Should his evaluation find that your child needs further treatment, Dr. Malkin will help you find specialists who are experts at helping children overcome the specific obstacles your child is experiencing.

A sense of safety and convenience

If anyone in your household or social bubble is at high risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms, the risk of exposure involved in the diagnostic process may be what has held you back from seeking a diagnosis or subsequent treatment. An in-home evaluation may be the answer you need. As with in-home Covid-19 testing services, you can be confident that the practitioner visiting your home will take the precautions necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. Evaluation materials are either single-use or thoroughly sanitized between appointments.

Being able to remain in the environment most familiar to your child can help greatly reduce any anxiety they have about the assessment. These discrete services ensure both you and your child can avoid the stress of having to rush between activities just to wait in a reception area. In-home services bring everything needed to conduct the evaluation in your home while you have the comfort of knowing that you are just steps away if your child or the doctor need anything at all.


You And Neuro Psych Doctor Can Help Your Child – Even During A Pandemic

Reach out today for a detailed consultation regarding Dr. Malkin’s in-home dyslexia evaluations. They’ll answer your questions about the dyslexia evaluation process and help determine whether or not your child should be evaluated. If anyone in your household or social bubble is high risk for Covid-19 symptoms, their team can work with you to make sure your child gets the attention they need while not putting your family at unnecessary risk, helping ensure your child gets the treatment and education they deserve!

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