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Optimizing Multiple Sclerosis Care With Concierge Medicine

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the fatty tissue surrounding nerve fibers. When this occurs, it becomes difficult for the nerves to communicate, which can lead to a variety of different neurologic symptoms. Having close medical management of MS can make all the difference in managing symptoms and maintaining a good quality of life. Concierge medicine is a great approach to receiving patient-centered care for this chronic illness. 

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease, meaning that it occurs when the immune system accidentally attacks itself. Sometimes, symptoms of MS are mild, while others experience more severe symptoms. 

The main causes of MS include autoimmune disorders, infectious agents such as viruses, environmental factors, and genetic factors.  The main symptoms include blurred vision, color distortions, difficulty walking, pain, or numbness. These symptoms can worsen and lead to others, such as muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensations, and tremors.

The primary types of MS include:

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The Role of Concierge Medicine in Multiple Sclerosis Management

With concierge medicine, a patient pays an annual or monthly fee for more focused care.

Patients tend to find that in traditional healthcare models, it can be difficult to get an appointment with their doctor, and once they do, they only get a limited time to talk with their physician. Concierge medicine aims to eliminate these challenges by providing patients with personalized care, faster access to their providers, and easy coordination of care with specialists. 

Managing MS can be made easier by utilizing a concierge doctor. Patients can receive closer monitoring of disease progression and close attention to the treatment plan, with changes being made as frequently as necessary. 

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Symptom Management with a Concierge Doctor

Concierge doctors can help MS patients with symptom management by offering regular physical and neurological evaluations to track symptoms closely. By staying aware of how symptoms are changing and progressing, your doctor can evaluate your status and make necessary changes to the treatment plan. They will likely pay close attention to symptoms like mobility issues, fatigue, pain, and cognitive symptoms. 

Medication Management by a Concierge Doctor

Finding the right medication regimen can help with MS management, and it can take some trial and error. Your concierge doctor can assess the need for medication, and they can also prescribe whatever medications they think you need. Common medications used to treat MS include:

  • Disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) are therapies that are modified as your disease progresses. This could mean that therapies change because your disease has worsened, or it can mean that they change as your disease improves. The key here is close monitoring to determine how treatment needs to change over time. 
  • Symptom-specific medications are those that are specifically used to manage symptoms. For example, you may take pain medications to manage pain. 

Your concierge doctor can also provide ongoing monitoring to determine if medications are effective and adjust your regimen as needed.

Referrals to Specialists by a Concierge Doctor

Some MS patients benefit from seeing a specialized doctor. Your concierge doctor can help determine when you need to seek specialized care, and they can refer you to some of the best specialists in the area. Common specialists that MS patients may see include MS-specialized neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and mental health professionals. 

Lifestyle Guidance from a Concierge Doctor

Patients may be surprised to find how effective lifestyle habits can be in managing MS symptoms. 

Some lifestyle changes your concierge doctor may recommend include:

  • Eating anti-inflammatory foods
  • Boosting vitamin D intake
  • Performing mobility and balance exercises such as stretching and aerobic exercise
  • Helping with mental health management through mindfulness and community support
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Additional Services Offered by Concierge Doctors

Other ways that a concierge doctor can help with multiple sclerosis include:

  • Offering preventative services like screenings to catch diseases early
  • Managing any complications from MS
  • Coordinating with other providers to offer a comprehensive healthcare approach

Choosing a Concierge Doctor for Multiple Sclerosis Management

When choosing a concierge doctor to help with managing multiple sclerosis, you’ll want to take some important factors into consideration. 

  • First of all, you’ll want to look for someone who has experience working with MS patients. Ask your primary healthcare provider or other MS patients you know. Find out if any doctors in your area are specifically skilled in managing this disease. 
  • You’ll also want to have an initial visit with the doctor to make sure that you feel comfortable with their communication style. This allows you to ask questions and express any concerns so that you can be fully on board with your treatment. 
  • Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to find a provider who is located nearby with accessible appointment times. 
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Finding the best concierge doctor to help with managing MS can be as simple as asking a few friends or other healthcare providers. Having patient-centered care from a concierge doctor can help with managing symptoms well and preventing complications down the line.

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