How To Organize A Corporate Meeting During COVID In Philadelphia

Hosting events during COVID can seem like an intimidating task. If you are looking to host or organize a corporate meeting during Covid in Philadelphia, we can help you prepare and find ways to minimize any potential exposure. Often, having in-person meetings or events can boost morale and help the organization feel a sense of connectedness that may have been lost during the pandemic.

Organizing and Safety Planning

When you are holding an event during COVID, you want to make sure the space you host it in allows people to socially distance themselves. This is more often easily done in an outdoor space, like a park. You could also consider larger indoor spaces where seats can be placed several feet between them. Make sure you have hand sanitizer readily available and even consider giving it as a token of appreciation to your staff.

Keep a list of attendees so you can notify anyone who could potentially be exposed. To be safe, you may want to ask guests to wear their masks or be vaccinated. It is good to keep utensils or cups separated and thrown out after one use, or even have individual catered meals. While organizing your corporate meeting during Covid in Philadelphia, keep in mind that safety must come first.


Having guests get tested prior to the event is a good idea to ensure no one is carrying the virus. This remains particularly true if many guests are traveling. Corporate testing provides a reliable and easily accessible method to achieve this. Concierge MD offers medical services, such as COVID testing, that can be done on-site or at individuals’ homes. Standard PCR and rapid antigen testing are available. To book your on-site covid testing, contact us today!

Test Employees in Philadelphia For Covid With Fast Onsite Screenings

A single positive case in your workplace may be an ideal time to initiate Covid-19 testing with Concierge MD. This can help quickly identify additional infections in the workplace and help unaffected individuals to continue working with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience.

If you need Covid-19 testing in Philadelphia or select cities across the US, call us today. We offer personalized pricing dependent on your organization’s size or the frequency of testing. Quickly finding and isolating infectious individuals allows you to implement cost-effective procedures to keep your doors open and your staff safe.

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