How To Organize A Photo Shoot During Covid

After a year-long hiatus, in-person photo shoots are back! Despite the natural excitement, photographers may feel the pressure of social distancing guidelines and the mask mandate. The key is to deliver high-quality work while keeping the team and clients safe. Organizing a photo shoot during Covid may require extra effort and preparation, but when safety is assured, photographers work with higher creative freedom. The result of stress-free, safety-assured work is amazing photography.

If you are organizing a photo shoot, here is what you must know before you take the plunge.

Establishing safety protocols for the crew and clients

Start by setting up specific guidelines for the photo shoot during Covid. Allow your team to familiarize themselves with these rules. Communicate these guidelines to your client beforehand. Here are a few rules that you must insist upon.

  • Equipment used during the photo shoot will not be shared.
  • Thermal screening of clients and crew members before is mandatory.
  • Social distancing must always be maintained.
  • Every member of the event must be equipped with their own face mask and sanitizer.

If the photo shoot is a follow-up of an event like a wedding or a birthday, talk to the client about hiring an onsite Covid testing team. Rapid PCR testing for Covid yields results within 30 minutes.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor locations

The location of the photo shoot during Covid dictates most of the safety measures. If the weather is favorable, opt for an outdoor photo shoot. Bear in mind that outdoor shoots come with many challenges like proper lighting and the comfort of clients.

Social distancing can be tricky in closed spaces. But indoor photo shoots can still be done safely. Choose a large space like a lobby or an atrium for photo shoots during Covid. In the case of portrait photography, schedule only one subject at a time.

Preparing the team

Equip photographers and assistants with extra masks, gloves, and sanitizers. All photography equipment must be cleaned and sanitized. Arrange transportation facilities for the team to avoid sharing cars.

Make use of long lenses to soften the background and capture the subject from a safe distance. Carry storage devices to back up the photographs.

Remote processing of photographs

While most businesses have moved into the virtual mode of work, the same cannot always be practiced with photography.
Editing and processing images is an important part of the process. Fortunately, post-processing of photographs can be done remotely. Photographers can move this part of their job to a safer location like the office or home.

For portrait and product photography, the photos can be uploaded online, and the gallery link can be shared with the client. Remote processing and sharing of photos prevent the photographer from spending too much time at the shoot location.

Make onsite testing a part of your business routine

Photo shoots involve travel, meeting new people, visiting client homes and public places. Adherence to social distancing norms may not be possible all the time. Thus, the risk of infection is high.

With a regular onsite Covid testing routine, the spread of infection can be controlled at the earliest stages. The testing process is quick, easy, and affordable. Every team member can be tested at the same time, and the results are accurate with rapid PCR tests.


Keep Your Photo Shoot During Covid Safe With Onsite Testing

The pandemic is not over yet. Even as businesses are gaining traction for photo shoots during Covid, the safety of employees is crucial for business revival and continuity.

With the necessary precautions in place and regular monitoring of the team through Covid testing, a safer workplace can be established. Contact us today at Concierge MD to schedule your onsite Covid testing to help you and your crew stay safe!

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