How To Organize A Team-Building Weekend During Covid

With the daily numbers of Covid still fluctuating around the nation, it can be difficult to maintain healthy work relationships, especially when you are not able to physically be around the people you collaborate with. Now that the warmer months are here, companies and families can utilize the outdoors to comply with safe social distancing. Here are some tips on how to organize a safe and fun team-building weekend during Covid!

5 ways to host a safe team building weekend during Covid

1. Choosing the right site for the event

The more well prepared you are, the better. When you are trying to locate a place to hold your team building weekend during Covid, think of what you ideally would want and how you may need to adapt it to your needs.

For instance, if you wanted to make a weekend retreat where four people are hunkered down in a small tent, that may not be ideal while the pandemic is still running rampant. Think of outdoor locations near you, such as parks or golf courses, that may offer larger spaces at an affordable price. Review any requirements the location may have, such as wearing a mask or having a maximum number of people.

2. Remember your Covid safety precautions

While each individual and company are different, follow the health and safety guidelines you have in place. In addition to this, here are some additional safety precautions you can take.

  • Double-check that the location you have booked has enough room to practice social distancing.
  • Have antibacterial soaps in multiple locations, or consider giving a small, portable one to your attendees as a handy gift.
  • Have any utensils or other necessary items separately packaged to minimize any contamination.

3. Create fun activities

Nobody enjoys feeling obligated AND bored at a team-building event. Consider making activities that will be engaging to all different personality types. If you are trying to organize something educational, incorporate different learning methods in your agenda or curriculum.

For instance, you could ask each person how Covid has affected them or one good thing they have learned during Covid. This is a great opportunity to learn what others are seeking from your company, or to bond with family members you haven’t seen in a while!

4. Ensure food is safely handled

Food can be difficult to maneuver when you are trying to hold an event, even without a pandemic. Think of items that can be individually and safely wrapped. If you are having the event catered, call local restaurants and ask how they are packing and handling their food.

Caterers operating in the ‘New Normal’ generally box up sandwiches individually, which can minimize multiple people reaching over or touching food items.

5. Have a backup Covid plan

While you always want to have a backup plan in case of weather problems, make sure you have a backup plan for Covid as well. You’ll want to know exactly what actions you need to take if someone contracts the virus during the event, such as isolating people or having a professional cleaning service at hand to sanitize your venue.

Consider having a temperature check-in of the attendees or an individual who can be responsible for asking if each person has symptoms as they arrive. Keep a list of all attendees so that if one becomes ill, you can contact those at risk.


Keep Everyone Safe With Onsite Covid Testing

Providing onsite testing can help ensure that everyone can leave the team building weekend without worrying about whether they are sick or not. If you want to provide a corporate Covid-19 test, we offer discounts at group rates and can come to your event or location.

Additionally, Concierge MD can provide in-home Covid testing and home visits if they are not feeling well. A clinical staff member can see you the same day and treat most common ailments such as colds, flu, food poisoning, and infections.

Schedule an appointment with us to keep your staff healthy during your gathering. Enjoy your team-building weekend during Covid, and allow yourself to be creative while maintaining safety precautions.

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