How To Organize A Corporate Meeting During Covid

Virtual meetings have become the new normal in the business world. Yet, the power of face-to-face meetings is unquestionable. Dispersed teams communicating through virtual platforms have not helped innovation and business productivity. More people are returning to work to take advantage of in-person collaborations. With over 84% of executives preferring face-to-face meetings over virtual discussions, you may be among those wanting to make in-person meetings a more regular thing. Read on to find out how to safely host a corporate meeting during Covid.

Is hosting a corporate meeting during Covid-19 risky?

Face-to-face communication provides a sense of connection and empathy. It allows better strategic thinking and timely decision-making. It’s little wonder that in-person meetings are so highly valued despite these trying times.

Fortunately, organizing a corporate meeting during Covid is risky only if the necessary precautions are not taken.
The safety of employees must be the highest priority. For a successful corporate meeting during Covid, existing meeting spaces must be viewed in a new light. Organizations must equip themselves with the appropriate technical and operational solutions, which we outline below.

Infrastructural safety measures

Since Covid-19 spreads primarily through the air, outdoor corporate meetings are safer than closed spaces. However, challenges like bad weather and poor acoustics can make this a difficult choice.

If your meeting must be indoors, set up the meeting in a well-ventilated room – ideally one with windows that can be opened. The meeting space and other high-touch areas (bathrooms and parking lots) must be cleaned and sanitized before the meeting.

Provide masks and sanitizers to all participants, and install sensor-operated sanitizer stations within meeting rooms. Seating arrangements (6 feet apart with markings on the floor) must adhere to social distancing norms. You may also want to consider taking temperatures at the door as an additional preemptive measure.

Most importantly, allow participants to familiarize themselves with the revised regulations before the meeting begins.

Covid safety guidelines for participants

Participants should wear their masks throughout the corporate meeting during Covid. Socializing without appropriate physical distancing must be avoided. Participants must be instructed to self-report if they develop any Covid-related symptoms during or after the meeting.

Do not encourage the sharing of pens, notebooks, microphones during the meeting. All participants must carry their own devices, such as laptops and storage devices.

Technical solutions for in-person meetings

Dimensions of the meeting room and the seating arrangement determine the audio-visual needs of participants.

Bigger meeting rooms that permit safe social distancing require a distributed audio system. The audio technology must cover the entire venue. Participants from any corner of the room must be able to hear the presentations without difficulty.

Installation of larger video display units is recommended for bigger meeting rooms. Alternatively, organizations can consider other technologies like screen mirroring.

Replace in-built HDMI cables and USB ports in the meeting rooms with other forms of touchless sharing solutions. Sanitizers must be placed at all tables to ensure that all shared resources are safe for use.

Covid testing for meeting participants

Another way to ensure that your meeting is Covid-19 free is with testing. Organize an in-home Covid testing service provider to test your team before the corporate meeting during Covid. Staff that tests positive can quickly be isolated to protect uninfected employees.

Rapid Covid tests are easy and quick (results derived in 30 minutes). The medical service provider can administer the test within the office premises or at the event venue, depending on your location of choice. Medical professionals in the team will make it easy to plan the next course of action without delay.

Onsite Covid tests are performed in adherence to state regulations. The service provider will also handle all paperwork related to patient privacy/confidentiality issues so that you can focus on the meeting at hand.

Food and beverage arrangements

If food is served during the meeting, remember that prepackaged meals with single-use water bottles are safer options than open buffets. Keep the menu simple and allow disposable plates and glasses only.

Staff members involved in the preparation and serving of meals must be temperature screened before the event. The food preparation process must adhere to all hygiene guidelines.


Testing Makes In-Person Meetings Safer

With a regular Covid testing routine, well-reviewed safety protocols, and improved infrastructure with technological capabilities, businesses can comfortably accommodate the demands of the pandemic. Contact Concierge MD to schedule onsite Covid tests for your staff before your next event to help break the chain of transmission and keep everyone safe.

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