How Often Should You Test Your Employees For COVID-19 In Philadelphia?

As an employer during the pandemic, one of the largest concerns has been how to keep our communities and employees safe. While we should continue to follow social distancing protocols, utilizing the more readily available testing can help prevent others from getting sick. It can be difficult to determine how often your employees should be tested.

Work Environment

You should first analyze how often your employees meet with others. If there are options to work remotely, that should be considered to prevent transmission. For example, those working in healthcare and regularly working with patients may want to be tested more often than those who work outdoors. Many healthcare facilities opt to test weekly. The CDC offers suggestions for varying work environments.

Safety Measures

If you have employees in the office or building, ensure you have protocols to identify preventing any spread of COVID. Using social distancing, wearing masks, and having hand sanitizer in many locations can assist. Additionally, you may want to consider a reporting system so if an employee contracts the virus, others who have been in contact with that individual can be tested or quarantined.

Testing Options

Onsite testing is an excellent option for companies that prioritize health and safety. These can be done at your work location, where all employees can get tested without having to worry about scheduling a visit or taking time off. Concierge MD offers corporate and event testing with several options available, such as the standard PCR or rapid antigen test. To best know how often to test employees for Covid-19 in Philadelphia and other busy locations, contact us today.

Test Employees in Philadelphia For Covid With Fast Onsite Screenings

A single positive case in your workplace may be an ideal time to initiate Covid-19 testing with Concierge MD. This can help quickly identify additional infections in the workplace and help unaffected individuals to continue working with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience.

If you need Covid-19 testing in Philadelphia or select cities across the US, call us today. We offer personalized pricing dependent on your organization’s size or the frequency of testing. Quickly finding and isolating infectious individuals allows you to implement cost-effective procedures to keep your doors open and your staff safe.

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