How Often Should You Test Your Employees For COVID-19 In Bakersfield?

Dealing with COVID-19 has been a major hassle for most businesses. However, even though treatments and infection rates are down, it is still important to know how often to test employees for COVID in Bakersfield. At Concierge MD, we feel it is our responsibility to help our potential customers with the information they need to get testing. Here we will discuss the guidelines for testing your employees and the best options to do so.

Santa Barbara Testing Guidelines

The entire State of California has guidelines for employers to test their employees for COVID. Essentially the guidelines state that any employees should be tested upon returning to work from an absence and during the risk of exposure, and employees should be offered testing paid for by the employer during work hours.

Depending on the industry you are in and the risk of exposure, it is suggested to test employees as frequently as possible. In cases of an outbreak or local guidance, employees are to be tested daily. In other cases, it is up to the employer.

How Testing Works With Concierge MD

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to test your workforce for COVID-19 is through hiring a professional testing service. At Concierge MD, we offer on-site testing for large groups, including professional workforces.

The way they process works is that you schedule an appointment with us and select the desired type of test you would like to have administered. We offer a wide array of testing options so that you can find the right variation that meets your needs.

In most cases, we will use a rapid PCR test or another type of rapid test that delivers the results within minutes. In this way, we are able to test large numbers of employees without having a major impact on the workday. This is useful if testing is needed frequently and you wish not to disrupt the workflow. Our team of medically trained experts will handle the administering of the test and the collection of the results so that all you have to worry about is making sure employees show up for the test.

Contact us right away when you’re ready to get started testing your employees for COVID-19.

Test Employees in Bakersfield For Covid With Fast Onsite Screenings

A single positive case in your workplace may be an ideal time to initiate Covid-19 testing with Concierge MD. This can help quickly identify additional infections in the workplace and help unaffected individuals to continue working with a clean bill of health and a clear conscience.

If you need Covid-19 testing in Bakersfield or select cities across the US, call us today. We offer personalized pricing dependent on your organization’s size or the frequency of testing. Quickly finding and isolating infectious individuals allows you to implement cost-effective procedures to keep your doors open and your staff safe.

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