How to Find a High-Quality Healthcare Membership Program

Taking care of our health is an important part of daily life, but getting enough exercise and getting to the doctor when we are supposed to isn’t always easy. Sometimes a little extra help and support, as well as some extra incentive, is needed to get on top of our health. Many insurance and service providers offer healthcare membership programs that offer access to health and wellness options that are a great way to help improve our overall health and maintain it the best we can. 

Not only can you gain access to a range of healthcare services you might not have known you needed, but by enrolling in these types of programs, you may also gain a whole range of other benefits. It’s worth looking into whether it’s just for you or you want to do something for the whole family. 

What is a healthcare membership program? 

A healthcare membership program, also called a healthcare loyalty program, is a type of service offered by many health insurance and service providers that provides access to many health and wellness services and benefits. 

Most of the time, these programs are offered as an additional service aligned with your insurance plan or another service, such as a seniors benefit plan that includes a healthcare membership program as an extra incentive. You can usually gain access to services you won’t find easily elsewhere. Many services go beyond traditional medical benefits and help overall general wellness, not just doctor visits and things of that nature. 

These programs are offered to customers to keep people coming back and paying for services. Besides customer retention, they also use these programs to attract new customers to pay for their primary service. 

You can sometimes pick from multiple programs that are custom tailored to specific needs so that if you have something you’re interested in doing, you can find a healthcare membership program that has benefits focused around that specific need. 

A more recent trend in healthcare is for doctors and physicians to offer membership programs to get more patients into their practice or as a part of their physician network. There has even been a trend in concierge medicine, where doctors come directly to a patient’s home or treat via telemedicine. 

Some of these healthcare programs offer discounts and benefits for patients that use them at a particular doctor’s clinic or certain hospitals, making them a valuable option for people who need regular care from a local doctor. 

How does a healthcare membership program work? 

As we discussed, a healthcare membership program is a benefit program often offered by your health insurance provider as a bonus and an incentive to improve your health. They are generally a voluntary service that you can add on, but doing so can come with various benefits besides the services you get access to. 

Some programs are offered at a cost but offer discounts on other services as an incentive and yearly plan. Depending on the type of membership you have, a person can get much use of the services for the cost of the membership plan. 

For people looking for these types of programs, many are offered during the enrollment period for insurance, meaning that if you don’t have any health insurance or if you’re considering changing companies or providers, this is a great time to find a program that works for you and sign up for it. 

What to look for in a healthcare membership program 

Regardless of where you find out about a healthcare membership program, finding one with the services you need is the most important thing.

For example, if you’re interested in basic wellness programs, you might look into a program that provides access to fitness clubs and classes like Yoga, cycling, jogging, and other activities. In some cases, you may even get a deduction on your insurance premiums along with your plan if you set goals and improve your health by lowering your cholesterol, improving your BMI, and other general wellness things. 

This is a win for both the person signing up for the plan and the insurance company, as promoting customer wellness lowers healthcare costs and customer retention. 

If you sign up for a plan with a doctor or physician, you should look for one that’s in your insurance network and accessible to you so that you can get the care you need and take advantage of the benefits of the plan any time you want. 

Types of healthcare membership program benefits 

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits you can get from healthcare membership programs, but here is a list of some things you may get from your program. 

  • Free memberships to local spas and health clubs 
  • Discounts on fitness classes 
  • Access to exclusive services and wellness programs 
  • Discounts on your health insurance 
  • Access to personalized care and home visits/telemedicine 
  • Discounts on a doctor or hospital services 
  • Coupons and specials

These are just a few examples of the benefits you may receive, talk with local providers about whether they offer a healthcare membership program and what type of benefits they offer. 

How to find a high-quality healthcare membership program 

It’s not difficult to find a healthcare membership program but to find the best ones that fit you. You should check with your health insurance provider to see what they may have to offer you. You can also check with your local doctors, especially those already in your healthcare network, to see if they offer a healthcare membership program and what options are available that fit your needs. 

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